Things to Know about Managed Dedicated Server Hosting


 Managed dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting in which the physical hardware or server is dedicated fully to one client. It means that if you choose this hosting for your online business, you don’t need to share your server or hardware with other sites or apps. Yes, the purpose of people choosing this hosting is to get the exclusive media and infrastructures from all the main server resources. Imagine if you have the entire access of the CPU, RAM, and even HDD. It is really free for you to do anything with them.

Dedicated Hosting vs. Dedicated Server

Although managed dedicated server hosting refers to the hosting more, it is quite different from the term of the dedicated server only. Well, dedicated hosting is a type of hosting service in the form of a virtualization server. It enables the customer to rent more servers even the entire server can be owned by the customer’s website. This way, the resource found is more than when you use the other type of hosting, shared hosting.

It can be said that the dedicated hosting is a premium hosting service. You only need to focus on your business. Then, your website is entirely managed virtually by the server.

Meanwhile, the dedicated server is more directed to the physical server. The customer is able to rent the one physical server entirely. When you are buying or renting the server, the specifications are shown and served to start from the type to the processor brand used. If you choose this server, you need to prepare more time, energy, and of course money to manage the physical server.

From the explanation above, the managed dedicated server hosting is the better choice than choosing the dedicated hosting or dedicated server only. The hosting has included the service for dedicated server while the management has been done virtually by the server. This way, you spend more money for something worthier and more effective.

The Benefits

There are some benefits to be found if you choose the dedicated server hosting. First, in term of performance and reliability, it doesn’t need to be doubted. The hosting provides you great performance in which your website tends to work faster and more efficiently. Second, it features the high-security level. The developers always make some innovative features to solve security problems. As you know, things like virus and malware are also growing very significantly recently.

Third, your website may have a better reputation since you are not sharing your hosting to the other websites. In term of online business and website evaluation, this matter is really important. Lastly, since you don’t need to share the server as well as hosting with other websites, it means you will not meet neighbors that may disturb your website performance.

The Lacks

Although the hosting is beneficial in so many ways, it still has some lacks seeing from certain perspectives. Sure, the hosting is really expensive. For the bigger strength it offers, there are more resources needed including CPU, RAM, and HDD. The process needs downtime to upgrade the component versions. In the worst cases, it must be migrated to the new physical hardware.