Things you need to follow to become a Pro Blogger


Blogging and attracting traffic is not rocket science. However, it sometime happens that bloggers can fall out of content ideas or even if good number of blog posts are create, the number of views are less and also the engagement becomes an issue for the blogger. However like trade has rules and if followed will help the master walk the path of success, Blogging too has some rules and trade secrets which when followed will attract great number of viewers and thus blogging can become potential money earning trade , learn more tips at Here are some of the things every blogger needs to follow if they want to become a Pro Blogger

  • Publish Content that is of best quality on your blog.
  • For beginners post content for free on your blog to attract viewers. The “How To” articles are the ones that that attract the most viewers these days. So, post these kinds of articles on you blog on various topics. Once you attract your viewers and win their appreciation you can turn your articles into paid ones.
  • Do not be burdened that you are selling all your ideas for free on your blog, it is a trade tactic to attract traffic and it is true that you will make more money by attracting traffic than making your article a paid one.
  • If you are planning on selling your content to a client, make sure it if high quality. If you provide high quality articles, then only will the client be ready to pay you a large amount of money.
  • Never post content for namesake. Articles of such type is only a waste of your time and energy and you will get no audience. Attract people with content that is meaningful or helpful to the viewers, which they enjoy reading.
  • A blogger should not just stop with the old viewers. One should make constant effort to bring new audience to the blog.
  • Tell your friends and family members to view your blog and ask each person to tell a few more about your blog, this way you will get new audience. A blog owner must always encourage the new audience to read the posts, leave comments and reviews. By doing so, the viewers engagement in the blog will increase and ultimately traffic will increase,
  • Conduct surveys to know what topics are of the viewers interest. These surveys will help the blogger to understand the viewers in a much better way and also build a rapport with them. All of these things will lead to an increase in blog traffic.
  • When you run out of ideas for posting content on your blog, let other be guest bloggers for your blog. Allow your friends or family or your employees to write some articles for you as a guest blogger. But make sure the guest blogger has good language skills and writing skills. This will also increase the number of new audience of your blog.
  • One of the best blogging tip is to interview a prominent personality who can provide huge value and who will later share the article with the people of their community. This is a success because the person you interview will be keen to share your article as the person will be highlighted in their community and also as the blogger you will get  large number of readers and subscribers too.
  • Guest blog regularly irrespective of the industry, it will always fetch you benefits in terms of SEO. It will give you and identity within the industry.
  • Post content that are your original works and not copied from other blogs as it will decrease the number of viewers of your blog.
  • There are some websites where you can write to drive traffic to your blog. Search for those kind of websites and attract the new audience and improve traffic.
  • It is not just the content you need to focus on completely. Pay attention to visible headers, tags, keywords, categories etc for organizing your content. These things also play an important role in blog traffic.
  • Understand what the viewers are looking for in your blog and when you know what it is make it easy for the viewers to find what they are looking for.
  • If you always write about the same topic then it will become monotonous and writers will get bored, so push the boundaries of the topics you write about and tie it back to what matters most.
  • A good blogger takes inspiration from everyday life and turns them into blogging ideas.


Well, blogging needs patience perseverance and time. It is not something you can get overnight. However, you needs to give your best for reaching the mark of success and for that follow these simple tips listed above. When you do so will be walking the path of success in the near future