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Prefabricated Buildings: A Longer History Than You May Realize

There are prefabricated structures that have been around since the early 1800s. That was long before prefabricated steel solutions were available. But as it turns out, the prefabrication of architecture isn’t as “new” as you might expect. People have been building compartmentally in one place and assembling in another for a very long time.

The difference in antiquated methods and those of modernity is effectiveness and savings. Where before, such an undertaking might only be for royalty, today you can commission a fabricated building designed to meet your needs which actually ends up being more cost-effective than more traditional building methods—in certain respects.

A Surprisingly Eco-Friendly Solution

Prefabricated steel is one of the most sustainable substances on the planet, as steel is one of the most recycled resources that are available. This is one of many aspects about prefabricated structures which make them ideal for eco-building practices.

Consider that the open roof space of prefabricated structures makes them ideal for solar power solutions, which the Huffington Post defines as a secret to eco-friendly construction. Properly managed, solar panels can also save energy expenses. Depending on where you buy, you can find such panels as low as $.70/Watt.

When you can source buildings that are made of renewable resources, then back that up with a solar energy solution, you’re able to double down on the eco-friendly side of things in such a way you may be able to sustain government incentives or tax relief for your company. But that’s in addition to curtailing building expenses.

Cost Effective Architectural Options

Looking online, you’ll find that most prefabricated structures can be made for between $10 and $20 per square foot, depending on what kind of structure you’re making and where it is being built. That means a 400 square-foot structure will cost you anywhere from $4k to $8k. A 4,000 square-foot structure will go for $40k to $80k.

Furthermore, if you source from the right providers, you’ll be able to get a decent discount as well. When you’re on the market for prefabricated metal buildings, this company offers some recommendable options, like the P-model, which provides owners: “Unobstructed space with no poles or beams to get in your way.”

You are able to design the interior of your working space as you need, rather than “the best you can”, when there aren’t any obstructions to mar its use. There is a reason prefabricated structures are ideal for aircraft storage and maintenance, and such space utility is a big part of it.

But there are a great deal of uses which a prefabricated metal structure can be ideal for. From storage sheds to restaurants, garages, offices, and even living spaces, there is a lot of potential for utility with the right prefabricated steel building.

The Bigger Picture

This West Virginia steel contractor can help you find the right prefabricated structure for your needs. When you consider that you could potentially have 4,000 square-feet of usable space for less than $100k, it almost seems as though the sky is the limit. Add solar panels and you can take a big cut out of the installation and sourcing costs right off the bat, as such green solutions increase property value.

Whether you’re looking to outfit a storage structure such that it acts as a residence, produce things on a small industrial scale, repair equipment, store merchandise, facilitate a backyard workshop, or source a bunker for the worst-case scenario, you’ll be able to find solutions in prefabricated metal buildings.