Three Best Akeneo Solutions Partners to assist you


Akeneo and Shopify have recently closed to enable integration between Shopify Plus and Akeneo PIM. The combination between Akeneo Shopify is feasible because of a brand new connector that’s available on the Akeneo marketplace. It creates a good integration between Shopify and Akeneo PIM software, enabling retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and eCommerce brands to seamlessly import and export high-quality product information from Akeneo PIM to Shopify. The plugin connects both platforms and makes it possible to seamlessly spread product information to multiple Shopify Plus stores also on other sales channels including marketplaces, print catalogs, and POS, among others.

Now seamlessly, Shopify Plus customers and partners can use Akeneo’s PIM solution to enrich and manage their product information and deliver it more easily and quickly to multiple sites, locales, and sales channels. Akeneo complements Shopify Plus and enables centralized product information from multiple internal and external sources, merchants to efficiently manage and scale their product catalogs, and deliver product information reliably and consistently wherever it’s needed.

To implement this integrated solution, Akeneo works with multiple partners that provide skills and competency in both Shopify Plus and Akeneo. during this article, we’ve listed some Akeneo solution partners which help merchants successfully build and run their digital solutions:


Redstage focuses on modernizing and supporting digital systems for B2B companies through end-to-end eCommerce services. the corporate knows all the most recent technology today’s companies must fully digitize operations and compete online. That’s why they need a reputation for bringing storied B2B companies into the digital age and teaching them to scale further, faster. They know the tools, technology, and other people you wish to reach eCommerce. Redstage’s capabilities enable the agency to create profound eCommerce experiences and conquer even the foremost unique B2B & B2C challenges for clients.


Guidance may be a digital commerce agency based in l. a. that gives growth-oriented mid-market and enterprise branded producers and merchants in both B2C and B2B. Guidance has set the quality within the commerce industry for quality. It’s constantly working to assist our clients achieve meaningful and differentiated customer experiences. The agency offers industry-leading practices in multichannel retail strategies, mobile, customer experience, innovative visual design, UI/UX, and sophisticated system integration.

Blue Badger

Blue Badger may be a boutique eCommerce agency that has been making an effect within the eCommerce world since 2015. Founded on our passion for being excellent at the technical aspects of building, updating, and maintaining an eCommerce website, today we proudly add collaboration with a number of North America’s finest retailers. We believe we’ve got the experience and skills to require your eCommerce business to the following level of success.

Akeneo PIM now includes advanced Measurements capabilities designed to convey users increased flexibility when enriching product information. Users can now easily create custom units of measurement and measurement families to suit their needs, additionally to the wide selection of traditional and standard measurements that are already available within the PIM, meaning you’ll now easily add any new measurement you would like to stay in compliance with local norms or specific industry requirements.

If you’re a Shopify Plus customer and are looking to deliver compelling product experiences, try Akeneo PIM and Shopify Akeneo Connector and see how you’ll be able to enable a higher omnichannel experience with prime quality, comprehensive product information.