Three Ways to Choose Reliable Online Plagiarism Checker for Educators


In the professional world, plagiarism can ruin career and credibility. Even the smallest mistake of improperly crediting someone else’s work can even maim reputation. As an educator, it is your job to prepare your students to face the real world. One of them is by making sure that your students’ assignments are free of plagiarism.

The Importance of Plagiarism Detection Tools for Educators

Carefully checking every student’s assignments one by one is not easy, even for the most experienced educators. Technologies have made plagiarizing so much easier. Unfortunately, it is not a secret that some students will take the easiest route by blatantly copying information from the internet and hope that their teacher will not notice it.

This is why online plagiarism checker is highly important for educators. Technologies provide the easier way to plagiarize, but you also can take advantage of technology to fight it. An excellent plagiarism checking software will have access to more than 16+ billion sources, either it is books, journals, and even blog posts. If your student takes some information without properly paraphrasing it, the tool will be able to detect it.

Things to Look for in Plagiarism Checker Tools

Plagiarism detection tools are not created equal. Some will allow you to simply copy and paste the text you want to check, while some others require you to upload the whole document to the server. To make sure you can properly educate your students about the danger of plagiarism, make sure the tools that you choose to come with these following features.

  1. Bulk Check

Teachers must meticulously check dozens and even hundreds of assignments. Furthermore, when it comes to grading students’ essays, you also have to read the contents instead of just checking whether the writing is plagiarized or not.

This is the ultimate reason why the bulk check is important. With this feature, it is possible to scan hundreds of assignments with one simple click. With the help of plagiarism checker, you can focus on examining the content by cross-comparing the work within the repository.

  1. Document Comparison

Sometimes students think they can outsmart their teachers. Instead of plagiarizing information from the public domain, they simply copy their friend’s piece of work. If the contents that they copy are not available in internet database, plagiarism checker will not be able to detect it.

Thankfully, some remarkable plagiarism detection tools are available for document comparison. This feature allows educators to compare the content of two different documents. As a result, your students will not be able to copy their friends’ homework and get away with it.

  1. Complete Reports

The comprehensive report is the most important thing in a plagiarism checker. Before settling with one tool, make sure to check how the detected plagiarism is reported. A good tool will not only display the plagiarized part, but also the original source of the article.

A thorough report will be an indisputable proof that the assignment contains plagiarism. It also will help you elaborate to your students where they went wrong and how they can fix their mistakes.