Three ways to boost your online business

online business

 If you’ve been running an online business for some months or years, and it’s doing well, but you’d like it to grow and do even better, maybe it’s time for a refresh and a rethink on your digital strategy. Is your website still working hard for you? Are you running a company that’s focused and efficient? Are you keeping up with the pace of technology? Here are three ways to boost your online business to get you thinking.

Business plan: hello again

As you review how far your online business has come and where you’d like it to go in future, you should pull out your company bible; your business plan. This plan should be forming the backbone of everything you do within your venture.

Have a look back at the original forecasts, projections and project schedules. Have you achieved and exceeded them? How much further would you like to grow your revenue and business? Take time to update what’s in front of you and set yourself a clear path for development over the coming months and years.

Lean and efficient

When you’re at a stage of wanting to grow your online business further, you need to also assess your financial situation and the impact of that on the resources you need. As part of your business plan review, you should be thinking about how efficient your company truly is. What can you do better, but faster and more cheaply?

Do you need all of the staff you currently have or do you need more? Are your systems and processes working at the best efficiency levels possible? You may want to look at how some aspects of your operation could be automated, to save time and money.

How much of your administration and operation of the business is done in-house? Could you benefit from some outside support? For instance, enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology can help with your internal processes. Consider JD Edwards support and how the managed services can grow your business.

On the web

Your website may have looked fantastic a few years ago, using all the latest design technologies, but how is it looking today? If it’s looking a little tired and out-of-date, you should be thinking about getting a designer in to give it a bit of a face-lift. You’ll be wanting to have a site that not only looks good but draws people in and gets them wanting more and more.

Spend some time and money on getting some great photos taken, create some video, start writing a blog. All these features will help your site look great and stand out on the web. Also make sure you have the latest e-commerce features, making it not only easy for your customers to buy through your site, but also very secure.

Furthermore, how social is your company on social media? You should have profiles across all the main platforms and be making as much use of them as possible, getting people talking about your business for all the right reasons.