The main aim of both web developers and content creators is to provide visitors to a website with the best possible experience. You want to attract people to your site and keep them on the site, so that they make purchases, or sign up for marketing newsletters and emails. This helps to optimise the effectiveness of your website as a means of creating new leads and sales.

It’s useful to be aware of web development factors that can have an effect on the success of your marketing efforts.

Paying attention to bounce rates

Measuring bounce rates is essential if you want to know how effective your web presence is. There are online resources which can help you gather and use the data you need. For instance, a Data Studio template directory gives you access to templates you can use to collate and display data, including bounce rate information in a manner which can be used by web developers and marketers alike, to ascertain the reasons behind a bounce rate that is higher than it should be. Using this information enables you to see why visitors to your site are leaving before they take any positive action; does web development work need to take place in order for your content marketing efforts to be as successful as possible?

Using optimised images

Page load speeds can have an adverse effect on the number of people who use your website, and make purchases from you. Web developers and content marketers alike need to consider the impact of slow page loading and how to avoid it. One of the biggest issues can be the use of images that are not optimised for the web. It’s worth remembering that jpeg images are often sufficient for thumbnails, whereas main page images should be PNG.

Utilising responsive web design

More and more people now access the Internet using a mobile device; in fact, more people are likely to view your website this way than by using a laptop or desktop. This is why your marketing team needs to work with your web developers, to make sure that your content is optimised to be viewed using a mobile device. You need people to be able to access and read your content, quickly and easily. One of the best ways to start this process is to use responsive web design as this means that your content fits to the size of the device which is being used. However, you need to remember that this is just the start; aspects such as the ease with which links can be accessed using a mobile device also need to be considered.

Content marketing may be about producing content that is valuable to potential customers, and optimising the number of times that it’s viewed. However, marketeers also need to work with web developers to ensure that websites are optimised so that content works as effectively as it should.