Time and Money Saving Tips While Moving your Business


Moving your business can be quite daunting. There are so many factors you need to take into consideration while moving. From location to new office decorations everything needs to be well thought and it definitely is going to cost you both money and time.

Your old office space is a familiar location for your employees and you, they must feel home there. So moving them from that familiarity may sadden them. So it is your responsibility to feel them welcomed at your new office too.

Shifting your office is harder than shifting a house. You have to shift bulky furniture, handle with care equipment like Desktops etc. and most importantly there would be confidential documents that you cannot afford to lose. You must have a plan to shift all your belongings without leaving anything behind. To avoid such risks you can simply hire office movers that will deliver your goods in time and without any damage.

So here are some tips that may save you from exhausting your pocket while moving.

Early Planning

If you have made your decision about moving your office to a new space, why wait then? Start planning. Without planning you may end up messing your moving plan. Moving can create pressure, and there are chances that you may end up forgetting stuff at your old place or break them in transit. To remind you last minute hopping and jumping brings no good to anyone. So why not plan early.

Moving can disturb your team’s workflow. So plan how you’re going to manage both moving and working. So planning may include deciding a date to move to a new office. Researching for best office movers and consulting them.

Discuss with your team

Before kick-starting your plan, have a discussion with your team. Inform them about your moving plans. Ask for their suggestion on decor and other changes to the new workspace. As your employees are going to work in a space they’re not familiar with so ask them having what will give familiarity to them.

Take their suggestions on decor in the new space and what other changes they make like in the new office. Changing is some times better, it gives business to come out of its routine and be more diverse. So take this opportunity to discuss with your team what changes they would like in their workplace to make it better and implement them to make your office better.

Organised packing

No office space is small, they consist of so many things that you might have stopped using or regular items that you need daily. And every office has a particular way of allocating files or documents. So to avoid any confusion in your new space. Pack them separately, use different boxes for different department or team. Pack all your confidential documents in one box.

After moving to the new space you may need your day-to-day items like stationary etc, so packing them separately makes it easy for you to unpack. Pack in boxes and don’t forget to label them. Labelling and numbering them will help you in finding them easily when required. Numbering will give you an idea of how many boxes in total are used. So that you can make a claim with moving company in case you lose a box while moving.

Pack computer and other electronics carefully

The most common items you will find in any office space are desktops, laptops, printers and other heavy electronics like Xerox machines etc.

Packing these electronics can be a little stressful, one mistake in packing may end up costing a huge amount to you. As you know repairing damage can sometimes cost more than your imagination. What if that damage is permanent, you may even end up buying whole new equipment. Follow all the instruction given in the manual on how to pack the equipment while moving.

So make sure that all your equipment is packed properly without any mistakes. Don’t forget to pack and label computer cables of each desktop separately in a ziplock back to avoid any future confusions.

Professional help in moving

Getting professional help for moving is better compared to moving it all by yourself. But before hiring anyone for the job, make sure to do your research and get quotes from 5 companies of your choice before going with your top pick. Moving can stretch and strain your budget. See that moving is within your budget limit if you have any.

Ask around for recommendations for the best moving company. Some movers are there from start to finish, they pack, load, unload. But some only load and unload your packages. So, which type of services are you opting for? Any moving company you are hiring for the job should be insured and licensed.

Insurance Coverage

Opt for insurance coverage for your equipment before moving. It is better to be safe than sorry, right? You can either approach private insurance companies that cover rental damage in case of any accident to goods classified as equipment. If you’re moving through a moving company, ask them about the insurance coverage they offer for your belongings. If there is, then make sure to see all the required documents. If you’re moving companies don’t offer then make sure to have your belongings covered with a private company.

Update your contact info

Once you relocate to your new office space, make sure that you inform all your existing clientele with your new office address. Update your contact info in all your company stationery like letterheads, business cards etc. and don’t forget to update the new company address in all your online platforms like the website and social media platforms.

Notify your bank about your relocation and request them to send any posts etc to the new address. Inform your clients, to update your location in their database, to avoid any future mishaps. Change your address in search engine too, people looking up your company may end up going to your old office.

Brand Personality

Last but not least, make sure that you’re new place reflect you’re brand personality. Every corner should speak volumes about your company. Make sure your workspace and employees define your brand. So that when a client comes in for a meeting, right from doorstep he should understand what your company is all about. Your office space is also part and parcel of your brand image. So see that your new place keeps it intact.