Tips and Tricks for using a CISS printer


In the past, the printing was used to be a costly task. The printing solutions can some times cost you a thousand of bucks per year and the cost goes even high when it comes to the bulk printing. However, CISS printers have been in the market for quite a long time but still there are people who are unaware of the usage of this affordable and accessible printing solution. Those who really want to save money on printing can invest in CISS printers as they can really help them to print more at such a low-cost price. But before that you have to learn a little more about the CISS printers so that you can make the most out of it. In this article we will discuss about some of the tricks that you can use while using a CISS printer.

Some of you might know that a CISS printer comprises on many small tanks and these small tanks are filled with various colored inks. The tanks are then connected to the ink cartridge through the tiny duct that sits very near to the periphery. Once you filled the ink tanks with the ink, there is no need to keep looking at the status of the ink cartridges. This is one of the feature of the CISS printer that it offers. Usually the CISS printer have the capacity of almost 28 ink cartridges and whenever the cartridge is about to go out of the ink, the system refills the cartridge. This ensures that the cartridge never goes out of the ink and you can enjoy unlimited printing. A more detailed article can be found on Petagadget.

Installing the CISS printer as easy as using a printer. You can find material on the internet on how you can make a CISS printer from the scratch and can install it along the printer. However, the tips and tricks that we will introduce you in this article, might not be available. So you can get the most out of your CISS printer by using these tips and tricks. Let’s first start with the tips.


  • The first tip that we have for our readers and CISS printer users is to fill in the ink tanks only 90 percent. Although you can fill them to full but we recommend to fill it only 90 percent. By doing this you will allow the air pressure to fill in the empty spaces in the tank. This way you can get the best printing results with the CISS printer.
  • Place the tanks on the higher places. This might look very simple but by doing that you will allow the gravity to pull the ink out. By creating this natural pressure, you will allow the CISS printer to provide you with the best quality printing results.
  • To create more pressure, you can also take help of the pipes of the printer. Curl the pipes a little and this will allow the pressure to fill in the pipe. Not only it will create the pressure but will also contribute in keeping the pressure there in the pipe.
  • Pipe length is very crucial if you want to increase the productivity of the CISS printer. It is important to provide the printer with just the right amount of pipe so that it can travel back and forth probably. The movement is basically because of the cartridge as it swings left and right at the time of printing. You can adjust the pipe size according to the model of your CISS printer.
  • Last but not the least is to put the pipe clincher or holder in the middle of the travelling path of the cartridge. This will allow you to provide the same length of pipe to the left and right of the cartridge. You don’t have to measure the travelling distance of the pipe by doing this.

These are some of the tips that can help you to make the most out of your CISS printer and as you can see that there is no need to provide any external connection to the unit to increase its productivity. Lets now move to the tricks section in which we will guide you about how you can tackle the issues that are related to CISS printers.


  • While using a CISS printer, the computer sometimes shows the error message of “replace cartridge”. This is simply because the computer keeps the track of the ink that has been used and in order to get rid of this you have to reset the cartridges chips. You can simply press the stop button and the chip will now get reset. Turn of the printer for at least one minute and turn it back on and you are ready to carry on with the printing.
  • Most of the printer users might have faced the issues of white line appearing in the printouts. This is simply because there is air in the cartridges and in order to get rid of the lines you have to suck the air out of the cartridges. To do that you can use the ink syringe to suck the air out and then can fill the CI system to the top again.
  • The paper loading error is another common error that the users see with their CISS printers. This is most of the times because of the tubing that gets caught inside the printer and you have to face the error. All you have to do is to adjust the tube correctly. As mentioned above, you have to make sure that it is not too long or short. If its too long then it will slap the sides of the printer, so you have to adjust it accordingly.
  • Sometimes the printer doesn’t recognize the cartridges after you install the CI system. This does not mean that the printer does not support the CI system. All you have to do is to turn the printer off and to remove the cartridges. Install the cartridges again and start the printer. Hopefully, you will now see that the printer has recognized the cartridge and that you are ready to print. Sometimes the printer wont print after refilling the tanks. This usually happens when the tank is filled too quickly as it allows the air to enter the system. You can use the syringe method to get the air out of the system as well.

These are some of the tips and tricks that will help you to enjoy your CISS printer more conveniently. You can also share your tips and tricks with us and can let us know how you are making your printing life easy with the CISS printers.