Tips and Working Methods to Get More Likes on Facebook


Facebook is the most popular social media platform. It keeps track of billions of users every day. This is also an excellent opportunity for business people to show their products or services to millions of clients without spending a lot on marketing. Let’s face it; it’s not easy to create an active Facebook fan base.

You can make it easier to use Facebook to attract customers who are likely to benefit your business. While there may be many ways to gain likes on Facebook, there are also authentic and free methods that you can use right now. 

So, are you looking for a way to gain more likes on Facebook? This article is going to give you tips and working methods to get more likes on Facebook. Some of the methods are easy, while others will take some work. However, all of them have been proven effective in helping your social media marketing be successful.

Below are effective tips to help you get more likes on Facebook:

  1. Find the best time to post

Posting on social media platforms is crucial. It is essential to understand when your audience uses social media handles. If you post when people are sleeping or working, your posts will probably reach very few people.

Most people use Facebook after they get home from work. However, some people use it while traveling. These are the times when most people will see your updates. Post when your audience is active on Facebook. Early afternoon is the best time and a few minutes after 7 pm are the worst.

  1. Create a Facebook Group

A Facebook group is one of the best ways to gain lots of followers and likes on Facebook. But, just creating a group is not enough. It is essential to ensure that members like the group. Asking questions is the best way to keep your group lively. Ask members to share their thoughts with the group when they join it.

A few events can also be posted on Facebook to allow people to understand your business better. You can also host the events and post them on your Facebook group. To do this, you can use a Google Hangout or Blab and a virtual class online.

It’s smart to explore your options for FB promoting and reaching new audiences when you have a Facebook Group or Page. This will increase your brand’s growth across all media.

  1. Follow Influencers

A few brands follow influencers because this will allow them to be seen by their fans. You can check their business pages as well as their status. It is vital to show your engagement but not be too direct. A few people may see you, and they might follow you.

  1. Crowdsource for Answers

There will be many inquiries from customers and fans. It can be exhausting for both you and your customers to respond to all of these questions. Ask your fans for advice, and ask them to give you some tips on how to improve your image. This will make your supporters feel valued! In addition, this will keep everyone involved and increase their knowledge about your product or service.

  1. Testimonials are a great resource

If there aren’t any testimonials or reviews, people won’t be interested in what your brand offers. People need to be able to see the value in what you offer. The best way to do this is to use testimonials. This increases your credibility. Encourage your customers to leave reviews.

Search Engine Land’s 2014 Consumer Review Survey found that 88% of buyers trust online reviews more than personal reviews. Positive reviews about your products or services are likely to bring in many new clients and increase engagement on Facebook.

  1. Use your friends to build your network

Your friends on Facebook will likely be interested in your business if they are. So please encourage them to become more active on your fan pages. Direct referrals are also possible! A direct referral is a great way to get many likes on Facebook. Ask your family and friends to refer people to your Facebook fan page.

To become popular on social media, you must first start with your loved ones. After that, it’s all about investing your energy and time in your audience and providing genuine value through your content.

  1. Make your brand memorable

It is crucial to make sure that people remember you and the things you have done. If you want to get the Facebook spotlight, it is essential to mark your business. Your brand can be vital if you show who you are and what your company stands for. The logo you choose, the color scheme you use, and other details are essential. Facebook brands take time to grow. So keep sharing information about your products and services. People will trust you more if they can understand what your image stands for.

  1. Participate in the conversation

Talking to your fans daily and engaging with them is a great way to build trust and credibility.

Open-ended questions allow you to ask your fans for feedback. These questions will lead to long, lively discussions.

You should ensure that your fan page is constantly monitored so that you can quickly respond to questions and comments. This will allow you to engage with new people.

  1. Increase your posting frequency

Pal Media found that pages that publish just one or two posts per day have 40% more client engagement than those that upload many posts every day. Another example of quality over quantity. Instead of increasing your posting frequency, focus on the quality and uniqueness of each post.

  1. Run a Facebook Contest

A contest is a great way to increase engagement on Facebook. Contests ensure that the right way is rewarded to loyal fans. You can also be sure that people regularly visit your Facebook page to see if they have won.

Original Coloring Pages has been running social media challenges for a while and has seen an incredible increase in their social media activity as well as their social media following. You can also try it out to get more likes on Facebook. Facebook growth tools such as Tabsite, Heyo, and Shortstack can be used. You can also use a simple text update to your page to hold a contest. You can think of contests that will help you increase engagement with your crowd.

  1. Make good use of photos

One photograph can communicate a thousand words. Therefore, photos are the best tool for increasing social media engagement. They are more prominent in the news feed than status updates and post links. Because a photograph conveys the message quickly, It takes only a moment to process the message of a photograph. So use clear, attractive photos that are easy to catch people’s attention.

Final Note

Although it may seem difficult at first, you will eventually get more Facebook likes. It is also smart to pay attention to your opponents and find out what content they make that appeals to their audiences. 

The social media world is competitive, but some tricks will put your page ahead of the competition. These tips should help drive engagement and conversation with an audience for your business or brand. Do you have any other ideas? Have you tried these strategies before? Let us know in the comments below!