Tips For Creating An Effective Live Video Marketing Strategy


Video is fast becoming one of the most effective ways for brands to communicate with their audiences. The internet these days is teeming with video content as businesses increasingly catch onto the fact that video is the way forward.

One particular type of content that appears to be taking top spot is live video. People spend 8 times longer watching live video than on demand. Why? Live video provides consumers with a raw and authentic view of businesses. There’s no room for editing, meaning brands can establish an instant feeling of trust and engage with their audience in real time.

Here are some top tips for creating a live video marketing strategy that stands out from the crowd and boosts conversions.

Know your audience

First things first, your brand needs to have a strong understanding of your target audience. Where do they spend their time online? What would they like to see from your live videos? You could even ask your audience directly which types of content they’d like to see or anything they’d like to know. Live video is the perfect medium for showing your audience a ‘behind the scenes’ view of your brand and putting out content that feels exclusive.

Consistent branding

Whilst live video is naturally less scripted and planned than pre-recorded content, it’s still important to keep your brand’s message consistent and clear. Strategise how you want your brand to come across in your live video, decide who should be featured in your streams, and which topics would fit with your brands overall persona.

Part of making sure that your live videos are representative of your brand is ensuring consistent quality. You should invest in high-quality and reliable recording and encoding equipment to provide reliable and high-resolution streams to your audience. No one will stick around to watch a blurry or buffering video, so don’t let your brand reputation be affected. To share your streams, you will need to use a professional live streaming platform. Zidivo’s streaming and hosting platform is built with professionals in mind, to provide a range of exceptional features at affordable prices. You can go live from any device to any and as many webpages as necessary and benefit from 24/7 customer support, should you need any advice.

Optimise for conversions

 There’s no point spending time, effort, and money on streaming regular live video content, if you see no benefit or ROI. Always make sure that the purpose and goal for each live stream is clear, so you can optimise your content accordingly. Whether you plan to announce the launch of a new product, encourage people to sign up for a free trial or newsletter, generate applications for a job vacancy by introducing your team – whatever your aim, make sure your live video is optimised fully to achieve your goals!

 Thorough testing

 The real time nature of live video means there is room for things to go wrong. Always test your live streams twice or even three times before the real thing to pre-empt any potential breakages and make sure you’re set to provide a reliable and high-quality video. There are many components involved in the filming and sharing of live streams – you need camera equipment for recording, encoding equipment to make your content stream-able, and a professional streaming platform to generate a live link for your audience. Testing is essential to provide your audience with a live video experience that runs smoothly.

By neglecting the testing of your streams, you risk your brand’s reputation being affected if your video then decides to stop working once your audience have tuned in.

 Measure your success

 While the overarching aim of your videos is to generate revenue, there are plenty of other ways to measure the success of your streams. For example, how much engagement do your live streams receive? A successful video is one that sparks interest and encourages people to engage, so why not measure your success on the volume of comments, ‘likes’, or social shares that your videos receive?