Tips For Cryptocurrency Trading to make money


Cryptocurrency has become one of the most trending topics in the past two years. Although cryptocurrency has been around for a long time, it has recently gained popularity to become one of the most popular investment options. From news platforms to Youtube, cryptocurrencies have been everywhere. 

Also in recent years the trend of cryptocurrency has also put the market in a state of confusion. Most people have just learned that cryptocurrency brings home big money and invests their money without any prior knowledge or understanding of it. From a solid trading platform to extensive knowledge there are tons of details that actually bring a difference in your trading game. You need an excellent platform like Bitcode Method backing your trading endeavors to make them a success.

In this article, we have tried to provide you with tips to strengthen your trading game and make good money.

Set targets and stop losses

Yes! This is one of the most important things that one must learn and practice in cryptocurrency trading. People usually do not utilize the srt profit and stop loss options on their trading platform. These options are more powerful than you can imagine. If you are thinking that we are crazy to set your profit or loss target. Hear us out! Imagine your asset is doing exceptionally well in the market today and you have decided to let it hit the maximum profit before closing the order. 

However, the change in the market has instead ended on the profit much lower than you have initially got. In that moment you will feel a great regret. Instead of becoming greedy and setting a target profit, you would have saved the money and made good profit for the day. Same goes for the losses, you see you could actually stop before you lose a lot of money. Remember trading is all about the choices you will make at that moment.

Don’t invest without prior knowledge

This is one of the main reasons why most people lose money. They invest in different assets just because they heard their near and dear talk about them or suggest them. Well! If you are someone who tends to do such things then be aware you are in for a huge loss. Don’t just blindly take other advice, do your research before you commit. Also remember the green candles will also tempt you and it will also seem like there will be more profit coming your way, but don’t give in to your temptations and listen to your logical mind before making a decision. 

Don’t just by because of low prices

Most people think low prices are the perfect time to purchase an asset. Well! You are wrong. There is no reason that low prices always guarantee good results. What would you do if the asset you purchased has experienced even lower prices because of market conditions? Always remember to make an investment choice based on a coin’s market cap. The higher the market cap the better it is to invest in that coin.

Dont chase the break outs

One of the rookie mistakes in trading is to chase the emerging trends. Whenever you see a coin that is on rise the most obvious impulse is to buy that asset. By always remember purchasing an asset in rise may not turn out to be a profitable investment. It may crash as fast as it rises. Instead of purchasing an asset that actually breaks out, it is better to learn to read signals and make wise decisions.

Keep an eye out for trading news

Always keep yourself updated and get the latest news related to trading. You can either subscribe to the newsletter of trading platforms or follow sites like investopedia to get the latest updates. Having a news source to get information on news that can impact your coin value is highly important. Receiving news and preparing early can help you in making good profit. Remember if you by any case are late to miss the news or get late by 2 or 3 hours naturally you will not be making a large profit from it.

Don’t listen to mainstream news

Daily you will see news that the market is crashing or the market is in an upwards trend. Most people see the news and get influenced by it to purchase or sell their assets. However, all the news mentioned on the internet may not actually be valid. So before making a decision always check the market conditions and trends before buying an asset. Don’t be influenced by the journalists who actually don’t check the market and make an informed decision. As mentioned in the above point, keep an eye on the trading news from the valid sources.

Understand the cryptocurrency trading exchanges

NYSE or ASX are quick popular exchanges to trade stocks. However, the cryptocurrency trading exchanges are not as popular as the stock exchanges. It is possible as they are not as popular as the stocks yet. One thing that you must remember is that if you want to succeed in crypto trading then it is highly important to have an understanding about the crypto trading exchange, trading platforms or websites. As you will be placing your orders you must know the functionality of the website. Before investing money it is advisable to actually create a mock account and trade to gain more experience and understanding of the platform.

In a nutshell,

As you have made it to the end of the article, hope these tips have helped you in gaining an understanding about stock exchange. These tips are just tip of the iceberg and there are many other things that you have to understand and learn to become a successful crypto trader. As you have made it to the end of the article, here is a bonus tip for you. Don’t just cash out all your profit. If you are in for the long-term profits then stop cashing out whenever you get a huge profit from a trading order.