Tips For Renting Warehouse Space


If you’re a business owner who is in the market to begin looking for warehouse space for rent, it is important to note that not all warehouse spaces are created equal. Doing some upfront research can save you time, money and disappointment down the road from choosing a warehouse space that doesn’t truly work for you and your business.

Continue reading below to find some of the top things to look for when renting a warehouse space.

Check Out The Facility’s Security

This might be the number one thing to look out for when you’re thinking about renting a warehouse space. If you’re keeping a lot of your products in the space, you need to ensure that they’ll be space. If your space is broken into and your items are stolen, you’ll be losing out on a lot of money.

Here are a couple of items to check for security:

  • Is the area around the warehouse fenced and does it require a code for you to access the warehouse area? This is an important first step in security because a fence alone will deter many thieves from trying to access the space
  • How often is there someone on the property? If there isn’t a real worker on the premises everyday, there could be a higher chance that you’re items will be taken.
  • Is there surveillance? This would also be a huge deterrent for thieves
  • What type of lock is there on the space?

Another thing to check into would be to look at if the space provides insurance for your items. Many warehouses provide this option for an additional cost per month, but it’s worth it for your business’ peace of mind.

Know What Your Products Need

If you’re looking into renting out warehouse space, you have a very particular kind of product that will need to be stored there. Based on what kind of products you’ll be placing into storage, you might need a higher quality warehouse. For instance, your products may need to be in a temperature controlled environment to be kept safe. If you’re looking into storing food products, then you’ll need a very different kind of warehouse space than you would if you were storing furniture.

Check with each warehouse provider and see what kind of different storage spaces they can offer you.

Figure Out What Size You Need

This is a tip that could save you a lot of money in the long run. It’ll be important for you to determine exactly what size of warehouse space you need, and you’ll want to try and rent out the smallest space possible. This is important because you’ll be paying for the space monthly, and the larger the space, the more your business will be paying for it.

Consult with the warehouse and discuss all of your products to determine what size of space might be right for you and your business. Think of the warehouse managers as another partner that will help you and your business as you grow.