If you have tried to boost your SEO on your own and have become frustrated at its nonperformance, it is not due to lack of effort and sincerity but due to your inability to direct the energy to the right place. Companies like Rocket Globe Internet Media specialize in SEO and know the best place to focus their efforts to deliver results. If your business has a local presence, you cannot keep away from local SEO that shows your business in multiple perspectives in the search results. The specialty of local search results is that it captures the address, phone number and even provides directions to make it easy find you out.  Here are the ways of making the local SEO more efficient.

Be there on Google My Business page

With the purpose of spreading the business name along with all relevant particulars across the local market and beyond, get it listed on Google My Business by creating a page for it.  The information that you provide here, like business hours, direction for reaching and phone number will automatically populate in Google maps and Google search. Create an excellent description of your business that becomes the brand and adds pictures so that the audience gets familiar with it from the Google Business page only.

Spread through the local directories

Since your purpose is to create the maximum outreach, make use of all possible channels to spread your business identity far and wide. The local directories are excellent platforms for spreading your business name and identity. Therefore, listing in the local directories must be on your priority list. To ensure that you do not spend too much time in the listing process, use the automated listing services that are available.  These services charge a small fee for listing the business in several hundred directories without letting you feel the stress. The process is fast, and as an additional benefit of availing the services, your website will appear on Yahoo Local, MapQuest, etc.

Obtain local backlinks

Why would you need quality backlinks?  You need backlinks because Google ascertains domain authority by the quality and number of links you gather. If you wonder why you must focus on domain authority, then you should know that Google depends on this factor to determine whether to pick up your website for showing in local search results.  For earning backlinks, you must reach out to other local sites who would be interested in sharing their links with you as you can also place your link on their website.

Collect reviews

Arrange for reviews on the Google My Business page because although it does not have any impact on search rankings, it helps to increase the click through rate that Google picks up as a pointer of reliability when evaluating the quality of websites.

Improve on site SEO by including the name of the business, phone number, and address on your site.  Provide directions with a landmark on the contact us page and do not forget to mention the local market in the title tag of your site.