Tips on How to Regularly Produce Great Content for Boosting Organic Traffic


When you manage an online business it can get pretty hectic just to look after operations and customers.Generally, the production of amazing content takes a backseat even though you fully know how vital it is for effective SEO and successful digital marketing. When the demand for good content is relentless, it can get pretty torrid getting adequate time on a regular basis to generate it, unless you know how. Some useful tips:

Planning Is the Key

When you know you are going to need loads of useful content to strategically move forward your business goals, it is obvious that you need a plan. The first step should be identifying strategic goals and the most effective tactics for achieving them. The next step is the planning and scheduling of development that is required for execution of the identified tactics for a time frame of 6-12 months. This not only lets you address immediate needs but also permits exploration of new ideas that you can implement at a later stage thus taking a fair amount of pressure off your shoulders to come up with instant solutions all the time. If you have a content management team, it can often be far easier to collaborate with a project management system that can take care of the scheduling without confusion and overlap, and provide for accountability.

Batch the Phases of Content Production

There is a general tendency to keep on editing content even as the writing process is on, however, that is usually counter-productive. According to the head of content development of a top-rated Calgary SEO company, the most efficient way of content production is to first make the outline of the content structure that will help you to focus on what should be written. Once the subheadings are ready, the writing should commence at the fastest speed possible without bothering to make any corrections or edits. Write the introduction and the conclusion after finishing the article as then they tend to be better. Now take a break, and then go over the article and perform all the edits, correct the grammar and the typos. The task requires utmost concentration and you can take the help of tools like spellcheckers and grammar correctors.

Encourage Collaboration

Instead of just writing from your own perspective, it can often help to collaborate with others. Not only do you get a different angle but also reduce your own workload. Collaborative content like quotes, interviews, and roundups, etc. add value to the content and should be supported with activities like linking to the websites and social media accounts of your collaborators. The resultant generation of traffic for your collaborators will encourage them to keep the relationship alive.


Producing content on a regular basis substantially depends on planning as far ahead as you can and then working with a defined sense of purpose. Often old content can be repurposed into other formats as long as the information is still current and relevant.