Tips that Can Help Trade Show Exhibitors Save Time


You want your exhibitions at trade shows to become better. But to improve them you need time and that is one thing you do not have. What if we said you could make more time? Here are some activities that can either help you save time in such a way that you can reap the benefits later.


Managing leads

Leads can be qualified in the booth itself. This way you will not have to spend time on it after the show.  Only ready-to-buy leads can be sent to the sales team.

If you take part in many trade shows, you can invest in a lead retrieval machine. This machine will scan attendees’ badges. Then you will not have to ask for their personal details, if they have not brought a business card. If you can spare some time, create a closed loop system that will get the leads you earned at the trade show to your sales staff quickly, and which will allow you to measure how the leads turned out.

Just before the show starts, hold a pre-booth meeting with your booth staff and review what they know about the show. Not all of them will turn up on time, so you can appoint a veteran staffer who can communicate what you just discussed with the those who arrived late. This allows you to focus on other things.

Measure the number of qualified leads each staffer got during the show, or per hour. Like this, you can know which staffers to take to the next show. You will save time on recruiting and you will also gain more leads.

The design of your exhibit

The display should be easy to set up and pull down. The benefit is, you can arrive later than usual and even leave on the same day the trade show gets over. Figure out what differences your best clients see between you and your competitors and capitalize on it with your exhibit. They should be able to clearly see what products and services you are offering. This will filter the visitors and better qualified leads will walk in.


Selecting the shows to set up an exhibit

Track how many sales you have earned from each show and rank them on their ROI. Do not set up exhibition stalls at the shows at the bottom of your list, especially if they are not giving your profits and are not helping you reach your marketing goals.

Call up 20 of your most valuable clients and ask them which trade shows they attend. Are you attending any of these as an exhibitor? Review your short term and long term marketing goals and see if your trade show schedule enables you to reach those goals.

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