Tips to Drastically Reduce Commercial Energy Costs


Businesses are dependent on the owners and management staff assuring that the company is both profitable and efficient. Conservation of energy usage is a significant component in making a business more efficient. There are a variety of things that can be done to drastically reduce the energy expenses of a company in a commercial facility. Here we will discuss some of the critical factors involved in cutting back on energy costs.

Audit Energy Usage

If your company is serious about energy usage conservation, you will want to find out exactly where you stand currently as far as usage goes. This is done by having a professional evaluate your current energy utilization. Hire an energy consultant to come to your place of business, and conduct an audit of your facility.

These professionals will point out the hidden, as well as the obvious ways your company is using energy. The consultant will also make suggestions that will help your company save on energy expenses.

Monitor Energy Usage                                                                                            

Periodically check the monthly and seasonal energy usage, and set goals for reducing the current usage. Make sure the lights and all equipment is shut down at the end of the workday. You will also want to implement some rules for your staff based on the new protocols for energy consumption.

Fixtures and Appliances

This energy-conscious era has brought about a host of accessories and appliances designed to cut energy costs. Manufacturers have begun developing special outlets plugs, and appliances designed to help monitor and conserve energy.

Smart outlets and smart plugs are great ways to monitor and control your energy usage from your mobile phone. Make sure to check the Energy Star rating for any new appliances you purchase for your business. This rating was developed to notify consumers of the energy efficiency of the appliances they buy.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The HVAC system in your building may be an Energy Star system, yet a decline in performance over time. Conducting routine maintenance on your HVAC system is essential. Clean or change the filters in the HVAC system during the peak heating and cooling months. Having an annual maintenance check and tune-up contract in place will increase the performance and life of your system.

Alternative Energy

Renewable energy has become much more affordable than it was just several years ago. Businesses can opt to use alternative energy for all or only a portion of their energy needs. A company can decide that they want their security system to run on solar cells and a battery station, and save on the energy costs for lighting, cameras, monitors, and any other security components installed. There are many creative alternatives out there currently.


Energy conservation and cutting energy costs takes proper planning and execution. It is incredibly vital to have the input and participation of all of your staff. Taking control of your energy utilization is a team effort, and your employees should take the new energy conservation protocols seriously.