To begin with, an organized and well-maintained office environment is visually attractive and makes you fall in love with your work. But, to top it off, it can drastically enhance your performance as well. If you have been wondering in all these years what makes your coworkers finish the assignments faster than you, well, you just have to turn your eyes to their workspace. If it’s nice and tidy, you have your answer.

Buying the best office supplies does not suffice the job; you have to be smart at their usage too. Don’t think it takes a lot out of you to make the most of the office equipment and take your work efficiency to the next level.

All you have to do is to subscribe to the following tips:

1- Keep on the desk just what you need

The desk is by far the most important office equipment. Yet, many people have a habit of cluttering it with unnecessary items. Picture this; you walk into your office early in the morning and catch the glare of an unclean desk. The odds are, all your enthusiasm would jump out of the window. That’s how demoralizing a chaotic desk can be.

If you are one of those employees who spend 2 hours regularly to sort the required information, it’s time to organize your desk. Reach out the stuff like papers, pens, magazines, etc. one by one and ask yourself whether you need them or not. An emphatic no means they need to be dumped without any second thought.

This purging needs to be done regularly. It is ideal to clean the desk just before leaving the office so that you can start afresh the next morning without wasting a split second.

 2- Position your computer correctly

The computer also easily makes it to the list of the most instrumental office supplies. It needs to be positioned in the right manner otherwise it can hamper the speed and efficiency of your work.

If you have placed your computer sideways, you need to shift it immediately. According to health experts, the PC must be positioned as straight as possible, preferably at a 90-degree angle. That way, it will cause less strain to your eyes and you will be able to work for long hours.

In case you are using multiple devices like printer, scanner, fax machine, etc, then you need to tether wires. It will not only free up considerable space but also make it easier for you to plug or unplug an appliance.

3- Limit access to regular supplies

When you are engaged in work, you would like to keep up with the rhythm as long as possible. However, small things can easily break tempo and one would be forced to concentrate from scratch. It happens mostly because you have to get up and reach out to the trash bin or filing a library over and over again. The limited access to these layouts can save your time and extract much more productivity out of you.

Better still, if you can adjust them near your dominant hand so that you can have even quicker access. At the very onset, it might not seem like a striking measure. But, rest assured, this will come very handy particularly when you are in a state of flurry.

4- Strategize files 

Though the businesses have been largely digitized, paper files have not completely lost their relevance. They are very much part and parcel of all the companies. Throwing these files abruptly on a shelf will lead you to the wastage of a fair proportion of the time. You are going to be vulnerable to this issue until you adopt a proper filing strategy.

Luckily, there is no fixed approach to strategize files. For example, some people set them in alphabetical order, others feel comfortable arranging them in accordance with customer or project names. In other words, it is a totally subjective thing and you can subscribe to any approach that keeps you at ease. At the same time, it is equally important to patronize digital files. It would be ideal to use the same method for electronic files that stands in line with your paper files, recommends NAPO.

Oftentimes, employees keep piling everything in their computer storage until the software goes dull. Make it a point to declutter your PC from time to time so that it does not take you more than a few clicks to reach the desired folder. As they say, a minimal desktop is equal to maximum usefulness.

5- Categorize papers using stackable boxes

Piles of papers on your desk could be a huge hassle. No matter how much you try to compile them, more often not, they come in your way and get scattered all over the place. When different papers get mixed up, you know you are in for more than generous labor. Worse, you end up losing the track of some important documents because they sneak under delicate paces.

The best way to tackle this problem is to utilize stackable boxes. Apart from providing an orderly look, they will save you from hopping around. You can easily categorize boxes in different colors. For example, red for pending projects, blue for current projects, yellow for graphs and reports, etc.

6- Keep a to-do list

You have to be very smart in terms of how and where to spend your time. Whether you have to conduct an interview, meet a deadline or give a call to the supplier, a to-do list helps you to stay on top of your events.

Having said that, you have to be very smart to choose a medium that convincingly serves the purpose of a to-do list. Don’t get inspired by the people who use sticky papers as their to-do list. They account for a considerable mass and instead of sorting your mind they end up cluttering it even further.

Many mobile applications are available that can be used as a to-do list but the notifications might cause a disturbance. A simple notepad with clear categorization of days and dates is still more suitable than all the available options.

7- Organize a drawer

If you are lucky enough to have a drawer with various sections then reserve each section for one item. Don’t make a cocktail of scissors, pens, notepads, sticky notes, etc. But what if you don’t possess a drawer with multiple segments? Well, you can build them by recycling plastic putting little to no effort.


Average workers can outperform their extraordinary colleagues just by keeping their workspace organized. Understand, the lack of skills is not always the reason behind your declining performance. So next time before you curse or doubt your intelligence, try your hand at the above tips.