Whether you are a student working on homework or an employee working on a project, there is a good chance you use a computer nearly every day. Almost half of the households on the planet have a computer at home, and in most of the USA, the percentage is quite a bit higher.

We use these machines for a wide range of things and they help us out immensely. However, like any sort of technology, they are not immune to their issues and problems. While some fixes are quick, cheap and easy, some are expensive or can even require you to buy a whole new computer.

With that in mind, this article is going to look at a few different tips to keep your computer in the best shape possible.

Get it Checked and/or Repaired Frequently

One of the most important things about keeping your computer in great shape is performing maintenance. If your computer is working fine, you may think you are in the clear, but that isn’t always the case. Taking your computer in for proactive maintenance, or even when you suspect something might be wrong, could save you from a much more expensive repair in the future.

There are tons of shops all over the country that can help with all of your computer needs. So whether you need a shop that does computer repairs in Brick, NJ or a store that can help you with upgrades in Atlanta, GA, a quick online search will likely provide you with some results.

Watch What You Download and Install

While downloading and installing things to your computer is necessary sometimes, some people simply take things too far. If you download too much, it will not only fill up your hard drive space, but might make it more cumbersome to weed through all of your programs to find the actual ones you use.

Also, these programs or software that you download can potentially invite viruses onto your computer, which can be very annoying and potentially very difficult to deal with. So be sure to be selective of what you download and do research before ever downloading anything to your hard drive.

Keep the Computer Clean and Be Gentle With It

Most of the time, a computer will cost us anywhere from a few hundred dollars on a low end, up to a few thousand on the high end. That is a significant investment and one that you should take care of and be gentle with. Do you best not to knock it over, drop it, hit it or anything like that. Physical damage can wreak havoc on these devices.

In addition to watching out for damage, you should be sure to keep your computer clean too. This means keeping air vents clear, keeping the components cool and not too hot and making sure to watch out for dust. Cleaning your computer every month or so can have great benefits.

“Purge” Your Computer Regularly

The more “stuff” you have downloaded, installed and saved to your computer, the more sluggish the performance might be. As a result, if you don’t go through what you need and don’t need on your computer every few months, your performance might suffer.

Simply go through your computer a few times a year and delete any photos, videos, programs or software that you haven’t used in a while and don’t think you will use again. These programs can also take up valuable hard drive space which could be better suited for things you actually use on a regular basis.

These are four things that you should be sure to do when attempting to keep your computer in the best condition.