Tips to Leverage Content Marketing for Local SEO


When people hear the word “content” in reference to internet media, they think blog posts, video, and graphics of all styles. The reality is that those are content containers. Everything around you from your laptop to that cup of coffee on the table next to you is “content.” So, what are SEO experts talking about when they say you can use this content to promote your local business?

Content is just a word to describe the product or service that your business represents. It could related to your retro video game store or promote being the only Jacuzzi cleaner in the tri-county area. These are facts you want to sell to the public. You need an appropriate container that you can use to get them out there.

Here are some important areas to consider when creating content to improve your local SEO rating.


It goes without saying that you found this article simply because you typed the right keywords into the search bar. Web content relies on the right combination of words to generate clicks. Resources such as Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush help creators determine the top search terms for their website.

When generating content with keywords, it’s important to have them “baked” into the material. Visitors to your site don’t want to feel they’re reading a sales pitch. Make a list of the top local keywords before creating your content so you can use them where necessary.

Community Awareness

Unless you think you are a pillar for your community, go out and do some field research. Figure out if your service would be something your neighborhood is willing to support. You may have an idea to open up a Vegan pizzeria, but first you should check out your non-vegetarian competition. Start with the oldest establishments.

Another way to test the waters is to participate in local events. Run a stand at a local festival and print out banners and ads with your web address on it. This would also be a good excuse to create a video or article promoting the event that you are attending.


People will think something is up if you make your services exclusive to referrals. Make your presence known by listing your business in local directories. Claim all of your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) info so you can link it up with your website.

Once you have accomplished this, register your site with Google My Business Page and Bing Places for Business. This will increase search engine traffic.

Healthy Competition

Building a positive network with small businesses in your field isn’t just nice, it’s a must. This creates the opportunity to get backlinks to your site. Your mutual understanding can be helpful in creating comparison posts.

Comparisons are unbiased articles for new residents that promote competitors while you promote yourself. The best of these avoid glowing self-recommendations. If you fall short of your business venture, then don’t expect your big head to break the fall.