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While in college, students get to write different types of academic papers. They cannot choose to ignore since it is part of their coursework. The challenges they encounter are many and this often makes them feel under pressure. Though writing academic papers is quite a challenge for a majority of students, continuous writing enables them to develop as writers thereby perfecting in the art. As they progress, they are intellectually equipped with the writing skills therefore able to handle different types of academic papers. Additionally, some students even consider the art of blogging. This is often a challenge to them since they are used to writing academic papers. However, opting to start one’s blog can indeed be a good way of growing and developing one’s skills as a writer. Below are some skills to help you develop your skills as a writer.

How to write a catchy headline for your blog post

Before writing a post, one has to know what a blog is. This will enable you to comprehend what is required in writing a post. A blog post needs to have an appealing headline and your thoughts and passions ought to illustrate your expressions since it is read globally. Coming up with an alluring headline can be quite a task since it has to relate with what you are writing on your post.  Below are some tips to consider when writing a catchy headline for your post like academic blog of

  • Begin with a working title. To start you need to begin with a working title. This will make it easier for you to come up with ideas for your blog post.
  • Be brief and direct. Keep your title short and straight to the idea you intend to pass along. This enables your reader(s) to fully comprehend what you are talking about.
  • Make a daring promise. This will make your reader(s) want to read your article. Many readers just go through the topic and ignore the content inside. Promising your reader(s) something important will make them read your article and discover something new.
  • Ask a challenging question in the headline. The question you ask should relate to your blog’s content. Asking a challenging question in the headline tests your readers which makes them want to read your article.
  • Use numbers. Using numbers entices your reader(s) to connect. This captures their attention and also enables them to grasp something.

Formats of content

The content of post enables the reader to fully comprehend and digest what your post is about. Using articles, infographics and videos on your post make it easy for your readers to comprehend. Articles are a major type of content. They not only enable you to explain your perspective but also build your content. Using different formats of content enables you to come up with different types of stories to tell. Additionally, formats of content reach out to many readers than blog posts. Infographics present information in a visually attractive manner which not only eases the need for your reader(s) understanding of your post but also increase your audiences urges to read your article.

How to organize an article for your blog

Before writing a post, you need to organize an article for your blog. This will make it easier for you to write your post. An organized article creates room for more ideas to include in your article. To learn how to organize an article for your blog, there are various methods which are very useful and best to consider.

  • Making headlines. Headlines enable your reader(s) to have a sneak peek of what your post is about. Not everyone will read your article but when they find the headline appealing, they get involved.
  • Using visualization. Visualizations urge your reader(s) to want to read your article. They easily help your readers to understand what your post is about and relate to it.
  • Have a hook as a start. Starting your blog post with a strong hook not only captures your reader(s) attention but also inspires them to keep on reading.

Online tools to use to spot possible grammar mistakes in your written content

Human is to err and therefore, one will always make a few grammatical errors when writing or creating their blog content. Moreover, it is through these mistakes that one learns. However, there are online tools to use to spot these errors in your blog content. Some of these include:

  • Grammarly
  • Pensters
  • Grammar checker

Common mistakes when creating blog content

There are common mistakes made when writing or creating blog content. Some of them include:

  • Copying another person’s post reduces the credibility of your blog.
  • Grammatical errors. Grammatical errors reduce the quality of your blog or site.
  • Lack of audience definition. Writing or creating blog content without defining your audience misleads them hence some will quit visiting your site.
  • Irrelevant headlines. Having irrelevant headings misguides your audience thus many readers will quit reading your posts.
  • Lack of a clear subject. Writing about anything misleads your audience hence you will be unable to define your audience.

In conclusion, as a student, writing or creating blog content can be difficult since you are used to writing academic papers. However, you can learn by following the methods and techniques mentioned above. We hope you will have a great time as you start your blog.