TONOR TRL-20 12″ Selfie Ring Light Review


Good lighting is important while recording a video or film. Because it enables you to set the mood while recording the video. While poor lighting can make the situation worse. Hence proper lighting plays an important part to blend the scene. Illustrating the person or a product can be easier with a bright light.

If you’re planning to record an excellent high-quality video or participate in a stand-up call with confidence then selfie ring light is the right option for you. If you’re a techie, you might have heard about selfie ring lights. They’re commonly used by Tik Tokers, Vloggers, Youtubers, Influencers and more. Selfie rings are now popular everywhere. Generally, most people use selfie rings to enhance their video quality without hassles. The best part of selfie rings – “Optimized lighting”. Therefore people don’t need to worry about poor lighting or rely on a wall lamp.

There are several selfie ring lights available in the market. But TONOR 12” Selfie Ring Light is trending for good reasons. It includes dimmable ring light, upgraded tripod stand, smartphone holder, Bluetooth remote shutter, compatibility, affordable price and more. Impressed right!!! You don’t need to visit the offline store to get Tonor 12” selfie ring light. Amazon is presenting great deals on the selfie ring light. Get TONOR 12″ Selfie Ring Light on amazon at the best price.

Introduction to TONOR TRL-20 12 Selfie Ring Light

TONOR is the one-stop destination for vloggers, influencers, upcoming artists, creative stars and more. TONOR TRL-20 12 is standing out from the crowd, even a common person can afford the selfie ring light without pinching their wallet. Simply put, TONOR TRL-20 12 will enhance your videos and Zoom conferences. One of the exciting features of Tonor is compatibility. Yes, you’ve heard it right. TONOR TRL-20 is compatible with Android and iOS devices. With the remote control, you can simply control the lighting according to your choice.

Enough said!!! Let’s discuss the TONOR TRL-20 features.

Outstanding features of TONOR TRL-20

Dimmable Ring Light

One of the best features of TONOR TRL 20 – Color modes and Brightness level. While purchasing selfie ring light, it’s important to pay close attention to colour modes and brightness level. Tonor TRL-20 is offering three colour modes i.e warm, natural and cold. The colour temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K. Sounds amazing right!!! Tonor TRL-20 is offering 10 level brightness mode, select colour mode and brightness according to your requirement. TONOR TRL-20 can be helpful for Zoom conference, promotional video, makeup tutorial, etc.

Gentle and Bright Light

Lights Camera Action!!! It’s no surprise light will come first in while making Hollywood films or YouTube videos. Finding the perfect lighting for video or conference can be a daunting task. Sometimes the light is not just enough or the colour temperature is not suitable. No more worries!!! TONOR TRL-20 understands the importance of light while creating videos. This brand is offering excellent light that is comfortable to the human eye. With 160 high-quality LED build, you can record the video effectively. The lighting will make your video look natural, this is another good reason to use Tonor TRL-20. Also, your skin will look glowing and flatter with the gentle light.

Life Span – 20000H

There might be a question haunting your head. What is the lifespan of the TONOR TRL-20 LED bulb? The answer is straightforward – 20,000 hours. The selfie ring light is designed effectively with high-quality light board and powerful LED bulbs. With in-build surge protection and advanced electrostatic shielding technology, TONOR TRL-20 is offering 20,000 hours life span.

Enhanced Tripod Stand

People use tripod stands for multiple reasons such as reducing camera movement, capturing the perfect shot, improving video quality and more. TONOR TRL-20 is offering an upgraded Tripod Stand on the purchase. Selfie ring light with upgraded tripod stand makes the perfect combination to capture photos, Zoom conferences, makeup tutorials, live streaming and more. With the tripod stand, you can adjust the selfie ring light to the required angle. Tripod stands can easily be adjusted from 16 inches to 52 inches of height. Also, the stand can hold upto 3 KG of weight.

A remote

“Remote” is the attractive feature of TONOR TRL-20. The remote feature enables you to control the brightness and lighting from 10-20 meters. Sounds fantastic!!! You don’t need to stick around the selfie ring light to adjust the settings. The remote feature is powered by “Bluetooth Remote Shutter”. All you need to do is pair the device and start adjusting the brightness from the comfort of your couch.


Tonor TRL-20 selfie ring light is suitable for Zoom meetings, capturing high-quality images or videos. Whether you’re a TikToker or YouTube influencer, you can snap a perfect shot with Tonor TRL-20. Nowadays, wedding photographers are using it for pre-wedding and bridal shoots.


No matter whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, TONOR TRL-20 works perfectly for you. Simply put, TONOR TRL-20 is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. This is another reason why Tonor selfie ring light became a popular and favourite thing around the world.

How to use TONOR TRL-20 12 Selfie Ring Light?

Illustrating yourself is now easier with Tonor TRL-20. All you need to do is follow basic instructions to operate a selfie light ring.

  • Place the upgraded tripod stand on the plain surface
  • Adjust height according to your need
  • Attach your camera or mobile phone to the centre portion of the tripod stand
  • Open your camera app
  • Turn on the selfie ring light and adjust temperature and brightness
  • Snap!! there you go you have your perfect shot.

TONOR TRL-20 12 Selfie Ring Light Accessories

Another good reason to buy TONOR TRL-20 is accessories. Let’s have a look at accessories offered by TONOR TRL-20

  • 12″ selfie ring light
  • Updated and adjustable tripod stand
  • USB power supply
  • Mount camera or mobile phone holder
  • Bluetooth remote shutter
  • User guide

Wrapping up

Whether you’re planning to record a YouTube video or attend a business meeting on Zoom, TONOR TRL-12 Selfie Ring Light is perfect for you. Ability to control the temperature and brightness is one of the excellent features of Tonor. Also, the device is extremely helpful while capturing high-quality videos that take a longer time.