Tools to Improve the Hiring Process


On average, the overall job interview process takes 22.9 days in the US. The process even takes more time in Germany, France, and in the UK. Alarmingly, these statistics are only for the interview process, not for the entire hiring process. This dilemma calls for an effective set of tools that straighten out the whole recruitment course.

The following are some of the handy tools that can improve and accelerate your hiring process.

  • Social Recruiting

According to the annual social media recruitment survey of CareerBuilder, 60% of employers use social media recruiting to research potential job candidates. This survey proves just how useful and powerful social media can be when it comes to recruitment.

Social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn are especially ideal to use for social recruitment. Not very surprisingly, though, Facebook is leading in the recruitment sphere with 72%. It is followed by LinkedIn at 43%, and twitter is at the lowest rank with 13%.

Many people ignore emails from people they do not know. For this reason, social media is a useful tool to build relationships and improve response rates over time. When used properly and efficiently, social recruiting can significantly improve the hiring process of a company.

  • Video Screening

Compared to traditional phone interviews, recorded video interviews can cut down on a lot of your time spent hiring. Using standardized questions, the hiring staff can also easily learn more about candidates in video screening. With its recording feature, the hiring team can study the candidates more efficiently and can, therefore, easily make hiring decisions.

Managing interview time periods in video screening is also easier as the hiring staff can allot a specific amount of time for each candidate. Video screening also comes with unique features that make the hiring process easier for you, such as the option to invite the members of your group to a shared video stream. Reviewing video interviews with the candidates is also easier, as you can share them with your team before making the final hiring decision.

  • Live Video Interviews

Live video interviews are a bit similar to the previous tool. This tool allows the hiring staff to meet candidates virtually and interview them live. This tool saves you from the long process of one-on-one interviews. Live virtual interviews create an efficient hiring process and build a more productive team.

  • Applicant Tracking System

One of the most important tools that any hiring company needs to have is a tracking system. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) host candidate profiles, creates invitations for interview, and tracks candidate progress. Useful job applicant tracking tools allow organizations to easily organize candidate profiles and employee files. A tracking tool is essential in organizing candidate information, making hiring decisions, and coordinating with department managers.