Top 10 Amazing Electronic Gadgets to Make Your Home Shine


Photo by shadowfirearts, CC0 1.0

Today’s homes are not just homes. They are smart homes.

Your homes are probably more intelligent than any of us already and they’re getting smarter every day. And when you’re wanting to upgrade your home, do you really just want to go for a bit of upholstery cleaning? Nope, go big or go home, as they say!

Below, we’ve listed some of the top electronic gadgets you should buy if you really want your home to shine.

  • Color-Changing Smart Bulbs

Who wants to have one boring color of light-bulb that never changes depending on your mood? Definitely not you if you want your home to be a true smart home. Color-changing smart bulbs allow you to automatically change the color of the bulb depending on the time of day or just how you’re feeling.

  • Central Smart Home Hub

This is an electronic gadget that every smart home has to have. A central smart home hub, like the Amazon Echo, will connect all of your smart home gadgets in one hub. You can place this small gadget anywhere in the house and it will automatically become your mission control. Most offer voice recognition software too, like Siri!

  • Smart Coffee Grinder

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ve got to get this gadget on your next trip to the store or on your weekly Amazon binges. Smart coffee grinders are the new best way to make your coffee exactly how you want it. You’ll be able to specify the exact way you want your beans ground, for how long, and any other number of specifications.

A fresh cup of joe, anyone?

  • Smart Home Security Lights

Security should be your top priority in your new smart home. Smart home security lights have motion sensors and even video-streaming capabilities so you can keep your home safe and sound. You can also get installed by home security companies . You can hook them up to your smartphone, so you don’t even have the leave the comfort of your couch to check outside.

  • Robot Vacuums

Have you ever thought to yourself about how you could make your life a whole lot easier? Well, one of those ways is by taking away the need for one of the most dreaded household chores – vacuming.

Well, now you can have a robot vacuum do that for you and it will literally make your house shine. You can even set at which times during the day and week the robot will vacuum the floor!

  • Smart Sleep Light

This is the only alarm you need to make sure you get a high-quality night of sleep. Smart sleep lights will gradually wake you up in the morning with the perfect amount of light and a soothing, gradual alarm. It also monitors your sleep patterns to ensure you’re getting the best sleep!

  • A Drone

Who knew that in 2017, we would all be flying drones in our backyards for fun? Well, the time is upon us, my friend. Drones are easier to buy and fly than ever before and it’s about time you had one in your backyard!

You can really impress all of your friends you bring over for barbeques with your new drone. Attach a GoPro to it, fly it up, and you’ve got some amazing views to show the kids.

  • A Phone Charging Paper Towel Holder

This is one gadget that you probably didn’t think that you needed, but you’ll absolutely love it once you have it. You can now find paper towel holders online that have built in chargers for your phone at the base of the holder.

You’ll never find yourself stuck in the kitchen without a charged phone, ever again!

  • Electric Dryer for Your Shoes

This is more of a functional gadget than anything else, but once you have it, you probably couldn’t imagine life without it. Getting an electric dryer for your shoes is a much better way to dry your shoes after a rainy day than leaving them outside to dry. It can dry one pair of shoes at a time, so you can easily switch out your shoes with the rest of your family’s after some time.

  • Smart Refrigerator

Who knew that you would ever need a refrigerator hooked up to Wi-Fi or one that you can draw on with your hands? Well, this is the 21st century and of course you need one of these for your home!

Smart refrigerators are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Anything from setting exact temperatures to giving you alerts to writing your grocery list right on the surface is available to you through smart refrigerators.

And now you have your shopping list to make your home super smart. Head to the store or Amazon to check out some different brands of these gadgets and just watch your life becoming easier!