Top 10 Most Annoying Things a Startup Owner Should Avoid


Top 10 Most Annoying Things a Startup Owner Should Avoid

Congratulations! You have managed to transform your business idea into reality, and are now the proud owner of a startup.  You’ve still a long way to go to reach the top, but at least you’ve begun the journey. Now, it’s all about making the right choices and ensuring everything goes smoothly. How hard can that be? Well, as it turns out, a lot. This is why we’ve listed the top ten things you need to avoid doing at all costs:

  1. Never Commit Halfheartedly to the Startup

Thinking about running the startup as a side project? Think again! Make sure you are fully invested in the idea; after all you gave birth to this business, and your hard-earned money went towards bringing it to life. So, you owe it to yourself and your customers to give this your 100 percent. You need to do this full-time; otherwise, no matter how great your idea is, people will not invest in it. After all, do not expect customers to be confident about a business that you yourself are unsure about.

  1. Never Rely on Fake Traction

Notice how business owners always present the good to the customers, and try to hide the bad? Well, avoid doing that with your startup. Such fake traction never works. Avoid telling your buyers that all your other customers love a product if there are only a dozen users. However, find a product that is talked about positively by a thousand people and you’ve got something to boast about to customers. Give customers the transparency they want.

  1. Avoid Serving Two Types of Customers at Once

Do not try to target two customer types at once. First check whether you have the money, time, or resources required to understand the product-market suitable for more than one product doing one thing. Given that you’re a startup, however, chances seem bleak. Do not be dazzled by every new opportunity that comes your way, and also do not try to execute two go-to market strategies at the same time. Split your focus like this, and you end up annoying both customer types.

  1. Do Not Avoid Your Customers

We mentioned how startup owners often try too hard with customers. However, in your effort to avoid doing that, make sure you don’t distance yourself too much from people. Ask questions, and make sure you get across the idea that their voices are being heard. For example, customers might be fed up of having to insert confusing, long SWIFT codes every time they wish to make a payment. Do away with it, and introduce bank transfer instead to add to their convenience.

  1. Stop Treating the Company as Your Product

Provide value to your customers via your company rather than considering it a product. Understand one thing clearly – customers are only interested in the service, and whether it is running smoothly and reliably. Never think that customers care of what happens behind-the-scenes. So, treat your company as the sum of your team and customer value, rather than your product. Try to make your buyers and your team happy, and everything else will follow soon.

  1. Never Force Customers to “Spread the Word”

While marketing is important and should not be ignored, it doesn’t mean that you’ll push your customers to get the word out about your startup. Rather than telling them to do so, why not let them do it of their own volition? You can get them to notice your business by adding value to their lives in many ways. Write tutorials and blogs connected to your industry. Talk to people, and put in a great deal of effort to create a loyal consumer base out of converted users. Apply strategies for customer retention rate optimization. Never force them to tell others though.

  1. Stop Comparing Your Business to Others

Nothing tees off consumers more than a business that compares itself to its competitors in a bid to prove itself superior. Startup envy is always frowned upon in the industry. Consumers are going to be the final judge of character. Try to impress them, instead of tearing down others.

  1. Make Sure Your Ideal Customer is Properly Attended to

You’re running a business, and so chances are there will be people who like you and people who don’t. Never try to please everyone. Instead, focus on your ideal customer. Find a consumer who embodies everything who want in a target buyer, and try to get him/her to like your ideas. Think from their perspective – what would make them want to visit your startup more and invest in your products and services.

  1. Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut

Customers nowadays have a short attention span. Offering them deals and incentives can retain their interest but that is not all. You need a more proactive stance, which means implementing ideas that you think have good payout. Just because your current model seems to be working and customers seem to be responding positively to it, doesn’t mean it is going to last forever. Experiment thoughtfully with your business to see how you can make it better, and keep customers from getting annoyed with the same old startup.

  1. Never Pretend to be Superhuman

Do not try to be the perfect leader; there isn’t one. Also, never pretend that everything’s going great and no mistakes are being made. You might think this sort of attitude comes off as brave or strong, and makes your buyers admire your business more. But the truth is, it comes off as inauthentic and fake. Learn to accept facts. Do not flaunt your failures all the time, but don’t go out of your way to hide them as well. Be honest and people will respond positively.

Follow the ten points mentioned above to ensure you do not annoy your customers. After all, they are the ones supporting your business and if you rub them the wrong way, they might take their business elsewhere. Be cautious and do your best to make sure you treat your customers well and keep them happy.