Top 10 marketing tips for small business.


Marketing is very important for a business to flourish whether it is a small business or a big one.

Here are 10 best marketing tips for your small business to succeed well.

1. Postcard printing

You can do cost effective marketing of your small business by printing a small add on a post card and send the post cards to all the clients in your targeted market. Keep the add short and brief so that people read them. These post cards can be very effective in driving heavy traffic to your site and improve your sales by a ton, all for very less.

2. Use several marketing tactics

It is not wise and fruitful to stick to only one marketing tactic all the time and for all your businesses. Use several marketing tactics and keep changing them often, also remember that you cannot use the same marketing for all kinds of businesses. Customers usually get bored if you use the same idea to allure them, so make use of tactics that are fun for you and the customer. Plan your tactic well and make use of different marketing ploys. Get feedback from your consumers too if needed.

3. Promote your business with buddy marketing

Do not just promote yourself, try promoting the business of others too and in turn you will receive an offer. If you are distributing brochures, then you include the business card or leaflet of other business friends that you have. This way you build good friendship with them and they will do the same for you thus expanding your business indirectly. This way you can also get a lot of new customers that are not in your business circle.

4. Answer your phone in a different manner

Instead of using the regular phone manners, try answering the call with a special offer. For example, you can say, “Good Morning, this is Emily Jones with Sunshine Express, we have a special offer.” This compels the consumer to ask the speaker what the offer is about. Take care to keep your offer enticing and increase the caller’s urgency to know about it.

5. Use post its

Use stickers, post its and notes that are hand written on your direct mails and business mails. Keep in mind that when you use these stickers on the exterior of an envelope it creates an impression of a billboard. People read it fast so keep your message short and to the point so that it is read entirely.

6. Give your customers another offer

When you have successfully attracted your customers and they have purchased goods from you do not just thank them and let them go. You have to make them keep coming to you and this is possible if you send them a thank you note with give them a private offer saying that they will get a 10 or 20% offer off on their next purchase if they bring the note next time and purchase something.

7. Newsletters

It is harder to make a new customer buy things than luring the old ones to buy something. So send a newsletter to attract your old customers. If you think printed newsletters would cost you a lot you can go for the inexpensive email newsletter, send them to those who subscribe to your web site.

8. Seminars and events

Host an event, this way you will get in touch with many customers. If you want to arrange a seminar them limit the audience and charge fee.

9. Barter system

Trade your product for the advertisement space or for other’s product or service. This way you can promote your business for cheap.

10. Mails

Include flyers, brochures etc on all your outgoing mail to promote your business without spending anything.