Top 10 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important For Your Small Business


E-mail marketing, if done right, is a very effective marketing tool. Especially for small businesses, e-mail marketing can be of great benefit, because the contribution to achieving the marketing goals can be very high. E-mail marketing indeed means more than just sending out a newsletter. It means creating an email strategy.

Too often I hear:

  • E-mail marketing is outdated, we now make social media
  • We have no time for newsletters
  • We have no subscribers
  • That’s too complicated and too much writing

Are you familiar with that? Incidentally, I often hear similar statements when it comes to the discussion in principle: social media – yes or no. There are not only the pessimists but also the open-minded. The ones who want to tackle and play in the front. Those who have recognized the benefits of e-mail marketing such as the automation 360 from SendPluse. Automation 360 is best marketing automation tool to capture emails and send subscribers notifications on your website and then use your data for marketing purposes.

Some Of The Benefits Of This Include:

  • Send to email, SMS or web push
  • Easy to use interface for even a newbie
  • Automation 360 low cost email marketing platform
  • Keep a record of online event conversions

Let’s Start With The 10 Reasons For E-Mail Marketing For Your Small Business:

  1. E-Mail Marketing Works!

E-mail marketing is old hat! Nowadays, there are more modern ways to reach customers. Yes. Although e-mail marketing is already old compared to social media, messenger & co, email marketing is still one of the best ways to build a personal relationship with the target audience. If you do it smartly and your e-mails also add value to the recipient, then e-mail marketing can work very well.

  1. Your Subscribers Are Yours!

In contrast to social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, which theoretically may have disappeared from the scene tomorrow, and thus your fan base built up over years would be, your newsletter subscribers are yours (assuming, of course, you have their data right and obtained with their permission).

  1. Reach On Facebook Vs. Opening Rate In The Newsletter

As we know, the organic reach on Facebook is almost 0. Your great newsletters, however, can open opening rates from/to. You end up with your message directly in the mailbox of your prospects.

  1. Build Trust

Of course, you cannot overdo the frequency, provide your readers with good content regularly, you will also bind them, you gradually gain their trust, they will perceive you as an expert. Finally, you want to create space and space to sell something later. Building up trust works well via email marketing because your readers have “actively” signed up for your newsletter, they want to stay in touch with you, they are interested in you. Use the chance.

  1. Automation Saves Time

There are many software vendors that allow you to automate your newsletter or follow-up marketing as mentioned above. Unlike a newsletter, which is written and then sent out to the mailing list, a series of emails are written in advance during follow-up marketing. In the second step, the intervals are set in which the e-mails are to be sent. If a subscriber then subscribes to the newsletter, he immediately receives the first e-mail and subsequently all other e-mails at the specified intervals.

So you can let the system work for you for a certain amount of time or purpose, saving you time. Why multiple contacts with your subscribers are important, you read in section 8.

  1. The Right Provider For Your Business

As I said, there are e-mail software providers like the sand by the sea. Here you have to learn something to make the wrong choice in the selection (If you later come to believe that the selected provider does not suit you, then you can, of course, take your subscribers to another mail provider) Such a move to another provider is not a problem. So, depending on what goal you pursue with your business, there is also the right provider for you out there.

  1. Low Cost

In order to reach your target group on Facebook (I like to use SendPluse Automation 360 platform in my comparisons, as it is the biggest), you have to take budget into account now because of the low organic range. Especially if you want to build up your e-mail distribution list or pursue another goal, such as selling a product (e.g., an online course).

The costs of e-mail software providers vary. For example, SendPluse is free for up to 2500 subscribers. Monthly subscription costs £7.85 / month  (up to 2500 subscribers). If the list gets bigger, you can increase subscription.

  1. Up To The End Of The Purchase 7 Contacts!

Studies show that, on average, 5 to 7 contacts with the potential customer are required to make a conversion, that is, before the customer buys from you. This is where email marketing is particularly effective. In point 5, I briefly talked about follow-ups and automation: email marketing is the perfect marketing tool to remember, turning prospects into fans and ultimately fans into customers.

  1. The Technique Is Not Difficult!

The technology is a dog- this Austrian saying, however: I do not let that apply here! You have to work in everywhere. Yes, it will take a few hours, but once everything is up and running, the E-mail Marketing project is all the more fun.

Please do not be put off by the technology behind the various e-mail service providers. You probably also worked with WordPress, so you can get the email software with links. Most providers offer great tutorials, there are videos on YouTube and usually good support.

  1. The Email List Is The Basis For Your Online Business

You want to sell your products FAST, then start building your e-mail list today. It is the basis for your further activities. A lot of people are into this and actually killing it in their business employing e-mail marketing strategy.

Lastly, with the right e-mail marketing system, you can send the correct emails and automatic notifications at the right time and to the right users. With the event-based triggers, you could perform all this as well as have your very own marketing operation wholly automated for your business.