Top 10 WordPress or blog hosting providers 2016


Top 10 WordPress or blog hosting providers 2016

It is not at all an easy task to find the best WordPress or blog hosting providers. As per recent news based on forbes Magazine in 2012, WordPress is powering more than 23.2% of the top quality website which are more than million in number. The task will not be so much complicated to find the right company for you when you go through this below article on the top 10 WordPress or blog hosting providers. Many companies are there which are offering the WordPress platform to the organizations as well as individuals, but always make a research on them before you make the final selection.


Check out the below list of top 10 WordPress or blog hosting providers:

1. BlueHost: If you are looking for quality service from a blog hosting provider and that too at a cheap cost then you should get connected with You will enjoy great quality service for just $3.95 per month.

2. HostGator:  A popular name in the world of web hosting is HostGator. Once you avail the service from this company for WordPress hosting we are sure you will never regret about quality of service. This service is offered to the customer at an affordable rate of just $ 6.95 only on monthly basis. Visit for more information.

3. InMotion: Unbeatable service and satisfaction is offered by this company for blog hosting services. It offers one free registration for domain at the time of set up. The services are offered at $ 5.95 per month and up based on the features selected by the client. For more details visit

4. HUB: You can start blogging with WordPress hosting services from webhosting HUB. If you want to know more about the services which are offered by this company then you can visit the website: These services are offered at an affordable rate of just 3.95 per month to start.

5.IPage: A leading brand in the industry of web hosting is iPage. You can blindly trust on this company and be rest assured that you will get quality service only. If you are not satisfied with the service then anytime you can ask for money back. The packages start from 2.95 per month and goes up depending on the package type selected by the client.

6. Dream Host: Welcome to the world of Dream Host. This company successfully hosted more than 500000 sites which all are running under WordPress. The customer service team is always ready to serve the client in best possible way. For the first 2 week the service is offered free of cost and next onwards the price will be charged based on the package selected. Visit for more details.

7. ARvixe:  Excellent WordPress Web Hosting service is offered by ARvixe to its clients at an affordable price. It offers the clients Free domain name, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 6 domains on 1 account, 60 day money back, Fully adheres to all WordPress hosting requirements etc. You will get this service at $ 4.00 per month. For more information visit

8. Fat Cow:  If you want to experience a fantastic web hosting then you must avail the services from fat Cow. You will get served at a price as low as $ 4.67 per month.

9. Laughing Squid: You will be charged only $ 6.00 on monthly basis for basic hosting services. Visit for more information. Reliable and trustworthy services are offered by the company.

10. Just Host: It is difficult for any web hosting company to compete with Just host. Quality service is delivered at a price of $ 2.95 per month only.