Top 20 of Narrative Essay Topics for You to Choose From


Do you want to submit your research papers before the deadline but don’t have any ideas? Don’t worry! There are many promising essay writer online by Essayservice that can help you. Do you want to find out techniques and tips to help you create concise and interesting texts? If so, here’s a post about the best essay topics for students. Would you like to write a narrative essay, which is able to tell your reader an exciting story? When your college professor assigns you to write a paper, you may be scared as you don’t know what exactly is meant under the narration. However, you will be surprised that each of us has an experience in narrations.

Every day we share our emotions and impressions with friends and parents. You begin a narrative every time you start telling some story. The narrative essay style supposes to be able to demonstrate storytelling skills. That’s why before you get started, you are recommended to make sure that you have the required knowledge concerning the features of this type of writing.

A narrative paper is not just a story as it should have an idea and a message.First of all, you should choose an interesting topic to write about. Some students find it problematic to find the topic able to catch the attention of the reader. Anyway, if you are reading this, it means you have an assignment to write a narrative essay, and this article is supposed to make this easier for you.Here you will be able to find a lot of topic ideas, which you can use for your story the way they are given here or use as an inspiration for your own idea.

Guidelines You Should Use Writing a Narrative Essay

Compared to other essay types, a narrative differs by a structure. It shouldn’t be that precise and don’t have to follow a typical order of five paragraphs. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no structure at all. Some students find this style of essay writing a bit easier compared to a persuasive essay, for example, where a writer should support each point mentioned.

Here you need to share your experience on the topic so that the reader would be able to plunge into your story.Here you aren’t asked to give arguments. This fact makes a narrative type more enjoyable as there is more than one way how to write a story.

Remember that your paper should consist of three parts: a beginning, a middle part, and an end. Being a creative type of essay, a narrative style is not as easy as it may seem first. Illustrate your own ideas and think of examples you saw in the real life.

If you’re going to write a story able to make the reader cry or laugh, you should be a great storyteller. A narrative essay gives the writer an opportunity to share his/her personal experiences. Writing a paper, you should try to make your story so alive that the readers would sympathize your characters, laugh with them or cry, as if your experience is their own experience. Effective narrations have scenes depicted in small details, which allows the reader to see the whole picture easily. Use tension and any other emotions when telling a story.

An original voice of an author should be heard when somebody reads your essay. Be a true writerwhen sharing a story and create a real work of art, having chosen the most interesting topic from the list below.

Top 20 of Narrative Essay Topics for You to Choose From

A key to success is a good topic of your work. Your reader must feel that he/she is one of your essay characters. It means that your story should be vivid and well-written. Sometimes you may have a lot of ideas for your paper but they may seem not good enough for you to choose the one.

The most popular topics for a narrative essay are about students’ daily life, family, aspirations, future plans, etc. You should not just list things you do when you write about your daily routine, for example. Instead, tell the audience about some exciting moments, which are worth their attention. Have a fresh look at the usual things you do every day and make them sound brighter and more interesting.

It is a good idea to imagine that you are talking to your close friend and sharing your real-life experience. Only this way your essay will sound sincere and true. You are welcome to look through the list of topics for your story here:

  • What are the top 10 things you like doing during your weekend?
  • Can you recount the best summer holidays you have ever had? Describe how you spent them
  • How do you understand the word “responsibility”?
  • Are there any things that make you feel stressed?
  • Is there a special moment in your childhood that you still remember and smile when thinking about it?
  • Do you have any problems at school? What are they?
  • Have you ever had an adventurous journey?
  • Have you been interviewed for a job?
  • What is the job of your dream?
  • What do you think about the volunteer work? Describe the volunteering experience if you had such
  • Have you ever saved money to buy something that you wanted more than anything else?
  • Do you have any fears?
  • How do you deal with stress?
  • Do you solve problems asking your parents to help you or try to deal with them by yourself?
  • Have you ever faced dishonesty?
  • Do you have the best friend?
  • What are the first symptoms of being in love for you?
  • Have you ever met a celebrity in your life? Describe this meeting
  • What is freedom for you?
  • If it was possible, would you like to go back in time? Describe the event you would like to live again

If you have got a task to write a narrative, you will succeed if you choose one of the topics relating to a compelling experience. Note that telling your own story based on your personal experience and emotions, you are able not only to involve the reader and entertain him or her but also teach something useful, demonstrating your examples.

Have you chosen the topic already? Then don’t waste time and get started with your essay writing!