The Top 3 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Digital Marketing


A powerful tool that businesses have at their disposal today is digital marketing. Through the emergence of these mobile technologies, consumers can be reached more extensively than ever before.  A solid digital marketing strategy finds a way to convey your brands value to the consumer, which sets you apart from the rest. It tells your consumer why they should choose your expertise, your product, your brand, or your service over the competitor. However, many companies make mistakes when it comes to their digital marketing tactics and strategy, which can make it harmful or ineffective. Here are the top three biggest mistakes that companies make when dealing with digital marketing.

Failing to Define Clear and Concise Goals

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when developing their marketing strategies is failing to define goals that are clear enough for everyone to understand, and concise enough to mean something. For example, companies need to develop goals that can be measured, can be achieved, are concise enough for everyone to understand, and relevant to the company’s overall success. Determining what the goal of the campaign will be is the first step towards success. When your strategy lacks a clear goal, you don’t know if you are actually making any progress. A clear goal gives you the ability to track progress, measure your success towards this progress, and modify the strategy when it isn’t getting the results you expect.

Failing to Provide the Value

Your marketing campaigns must provide value for the consumer. Marketers need to ensure that their digital marketing campaign appeals to the target market. If they find value in the message, they will see your company as valuable as well. Marketing strategy professionals, like those at Sticky, know how to define a target market, determine where they will be able to add value, and connect that value with your product, brand, or service. When designing a digital marketing campaign, it is vital that the consumer identifies with the message or theme. It is this value that creates a long-lasting and loyal relationship with your customers. If the consumer can’t find the value, they won’t get the message.

Lack of Planning

Planning is an ideal part of developing a strategy. It is important to define goals, find ways to provide value, and this takes planning. You need to make sure that every detail of the digital campaign is considered. If you have ever seen a marketing blunder, you know how vital it is to send the right message. If you create a campaign that is taken the wrong way by your target market, it can be controversial and harm the company’s brand. Planning takes time. That is why most companies seek the advice of professionals, who will guide them through the process.

Marketing is a lot more difficult than creating a fun catch line and designing a logo. Your business has so much more competition than it did in the past. That is why a strategic digital marketing strategy is so important. It needs to connect with your target market, create value for them to sustain a long and loyal relationship, and align with your company’s goals. A properly planned, concise and clear strategy that adds value is just what is needed for a successful marketing campaign.