Top 3 Tools for API Automation Testing


Do you ever wonder how the applications that you are using are working so flawlessly and in sync with your needs? If not, then let us tell you.

Any application that developers build today and introduce in the market is thoroughly tested with different app testing approaches. Among these approaches for application tests, API automation testing stands out because of obvious reasons, like saving time and costs or delivering accurate reports. 

However, testers can perform API testing manually too, but it definitely lacks the advantages of automation tests. And for API automation testing, testers use advanced tools, which we are going to discuss in this article.


Accelq is among the top options owing to its top-notch features and functionalities. It is a cloud-based tool for API automation testing  serving its users with seamless testing for APIs, Salesforce, mobile and Web.


  • Accelq supports the same streamlined flow for zero code API test automation on cloud API and UI test automation.
  •  It enables testers to have better-regulated API Test case management, test preparation, execution, and monitoring.
  • Accelq executes regression suites and powers them by Continuous Integration.
  • The automated tool gives a better test control for complex settings.
  • For complete coverage, Accelq can explicitly compare business processes with their corresponding APIs.
  • Accelq supports data security standards for safe processes.


  • Package for professional: $390, paid annually and on per monthly basis 
  • (for test management and next-gen test automation).
  • For a unified package: $440 per month (Features of PRO and more) paid annually.
  • SME package: $150/per month, paid annually.
  • Add-on packages: $120 per month, annual based.

Users can cancel their subscription and reach out to the customer service team anytime and for free. 

2.Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a simple test automation platform for APIs, websites, desktop and mobile apps. It’s fast establishing itself as a popular API/Web services testing tool. 


  • An excellent tool for API, WebUI, Desktop App, and Mobile testing, offering their collective strengths
  • Katalon endorses a data-driven strategy.
  • It’s possible to use it for both automatic and explorative tests
  • The tool also supports the incorporation of CI/CD.
  • Enables AssertJ, one of the most powerful assertion libraries, to make BDD-style fluent assertions.
  • At Katalon, manual and groovy scripting modes are appropriate for both non-techies and experts.


Katalon Studio is a free app to start. However, it has set some value for other pro packages.

  • Free Trial
  • The Enterprise pack stands for: $759/year for a license
  • Runtime Engine: $539/year/license.


For testers who don’t like to struggle with coding at an integration platform using the same languages as the developers, Postman is a viable solution for API testing.


  • Postman is one of the REST clients that is easy to use.
  • It has a rich interface that makes it a simple tool.
  • Testers can use Postman for both exploratory and automated testing.
  • Postman works for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome.
  • It has a slew of integrations, including Swagger and RAML service.
  • Postman features running, testing, documenting, and monitoring for the test scenarios.
  • At Postman, it is not necessary to learn any language.


Postman serves a range of packages that are billed monthly and paid annually.

  • A free plan
  • The team plan: $12
  • The business plan: $24
  • The enterprise plan: $69


Today‚Äôs market is full of options for testers to try and discover that one perfect tool with the best features and packages for their API automation testing. 

You can either explore on your own or try these top tools to save time and have clarity about your API testing needs by considering the features.