We’ve covered many business and market insights here on My Venture Pad. The world of online businesses and startups are always interesting to follow, especially with the rapid changes and fast-paced action happening in the market. In this article, however, we’re going to focus more on the people behind some of the most successful businesses today.

Between formulating the best marketing campaigns and managing the day-to-day operations of their businesses, there are patterns and trends to spot among business owners. I’ve spoken to quite a few and have observed the directions of their businesses enough to realize that there are trends worth following. These are some of the moves business owners make to be better at running their businesses.

Focus on Stories

Internet marketing has changed the way businesses market their products and services. Instead of relying on older tactics such as discounts and hard-selling, businesses now focus on providing the right target audience with quality content and resources. The main focus is no longer the products and services, but the audience.

A developing trend that is interesting to follow is storytelling. The popularity of content and video marketing has made stories even more appealing to customers and brands alike. By pushing stories through various internet marketing channels, brands can develop a stronger, more personal relationship with their audience.

You, too, can take the same approach to connect better with your customers. Instead of focusing on your products, for example, you can tell stories about how the products were made (i.e. from the design table to prototyping and actual production), the people behind them, and many more. Audience love a good story and they will quickly relate to the stories behind your brand.

Personalized Messages

Another interesting trend that has been quickly catching on is business owners appearing as the face of their brands. It started with Steve Jobs and Apple; now, every startup owner is doing it. it is naturally easier to connect with someone than with a logo or a color scheme. Adding your presence as part of the brand allows customers to feel that much closer to your company.

You don’t have to formulate an elaborate campaign or stage a big event just to get recognized. Social media has made it easy for everyone to claim the spotlight. All you have to do is be yourself and use powerful content to engage your customers online. Personal touches, even the smallest ones, will impress a lot of people, especially when they come from the CEO or the owner of the business.

Back to School

The last trend is more about becoming better business owners. Many startup CEOs and business owners are going back to school and pursuing a degree in specific fields, particularly those that can benefit the business they’re running or themselves as business owners.

An online MBA from top universities such as Washington State University is the most popular route among business and startup founders. An MBA degree online is particularly interesting because you can choose certain specializations, such as finance or international marketing, according to the skills you need to sharpen.

These three trends are all very fascinating and they are definitely worth following. Give any of them a try and you’ll start seeing the impact they have on your business in no time.