Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Use VPN While Surfing the Web


It is a fact that the internet has made everyone and everything connected. It has made our daily tasks easier, faster, and more accurate. According to a report by the United Nations, more than 3 billion people are using the internet. That is around 51 percent of the world’s population. It revolutionized the way we live our lives in many aspects like education, business, finance, and communication.

But for all the advantages internet has given us, one important aspect of our lives may have been risking our privacy and personal security. You see, every transaction we make on the internet leaves a piece of our personal data. And since everyone is connected on the network, potentially anyone can pry on our activities. VPN or virtual private network is one effective solution to shield us from invading eyes. Here are seven top reasons why you need to use VPN.

Hide Activities From Your ISP

You may not know it, but your ISP or internet service provider has access to see your internet activities. This is why they can sometimes throttle your connection. They can see what specific websites you are looking at and how much bandwidth you are using. They use this data as a basis to slow down your connection. Using VPN can prevent this kind of surveillance and prevent your ISP from getting the information mentioned.

Full Access to Streaming Services

There is some content from your OTT (Over The Top) provider, or other streaming services or devices, that cannot be accessed when you are located in another region or country. This may be because of media rights and business agreements they have with respective entertainment companies. A VPN can help you bypass this restriction. VPN can manipulate your location by changing the IP address of your machine that can accommodate or comply with your streaming service limitations. Some VPN services like IPVanish can give you more than 1,000 servers to choose from that are scattered to over 60 countries and territories. So the next time you go travelling abroad, try to use a VPN to enjoy the services you paid for and not miss any new episodes of your favorite show.

Peace of Mind When Connecting to Public Places

We hangout at public places like coffee shops, parks, malls and other establishments once in a while and we do it most often while connected to the provided Wi-Fi hotspot. You are sharing the same open public connection with many users and that poses a risk for hacking and serious eavesdropping. Public Wi-Fi is notoriously unsecured and any confidential information you access through it, like important emails, passwords, or your browsing history, can be shared and received by cybercriminals. A VPN can help you protect your important information by simply encrypting any data you process before even reaching the Wi-Fi connection server.

Break Free From Restriction

There are some educational institutions and even private companies that provide a Wi-Fi connection that is subjected to “Acceptable Use.” That means checking your social media account or accessing your personal email may be prohibited. Some organizations see this as a means to improve performance for their students and employees. But if you want to bypass the restriction, VPN can help tunnel you out of the control. The network administrator will not be able to identify your information because of encryption. Only use VPN on these kinds of situations if you feel like you have an acceptable reason.