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Is your business getting the full potential out of its social media?

The online world has developed a huge amount in recent years. To adapt to this exponential growth, businesses have had to understand what the tools they have in front of them are capable of. In particular, social media has had a massive part to play in the way a business markets themselves online.

In the past, marketers and business owners considered social media only as a tool for B2C. In doing so, they missed out on the chance to develop and profit from all the B2B leads that social media can develop. Perhaps you’re also guilty of this trap, or you could do with a couple tips to sharpen your social media campaigns.

As a successful London courier, B2B is an integral part of our business model at Gophr. Social media is vital in developing relationships with businesses, keeping in contact with them, and making sure they come back. With this in mind, below is our list of 4 top tips to develop and improve your social media B2B marketing.

  1. Create content that stands out

Social media was first created for people. As time has gone by businesses have made their own accounts until we get to where we are today. The point is that your content should have personality and an element that makes it unique. Just like the people using the platform. What aspects of your business makes it different to others around you? Your social media should reflect this. By showcasing what you do differently to your competitors, potential leads will find you easier.


  1. Know your audience and engage with them

Who are the people that you’re trying to work with? Knowing this, you can then choose the right social platform to reach them. Here we’re aiming to increase brand presence, but it’s integral that it’s potential leads that will see this new effort. Otherwise, it’s time that could have been spent better elsewhere.

A good way of placing your brand within touching distance of new B2B clients is by taking part in a conversation around events and trade shows. You don’t have to be attending them to talk to the people who are. Share features and articles, follow event coordinators and create content that’s around the theme of the event.

Lastly, make sure you talk with potential clients. If you are an active participant on social media, you have the chance to showcase your expertise. You can actively target prospects and make them aware of what you do.


  1. Be a valuable resource, not just an advertising campaign

It’s all too easy to create hard-sell content for self-promotion, that is the primary focus for engaging in a marketing campaign after all. However, remember that a softer approach is more likely to develop relationships. People want to read about interesting, relevant information, more than they do an advert. By setting yourself up as a valuable source, you’re more likely to develop respect within the industry. From that, leads will follow.


  1. Show off your partners

Supporting other companies you work with through social media is a great way of maintaining a professional association, without being over the top. Alongside this approach, companies also use their platform to showcase one off collaborations and increase the buzz around the work. There’s two positive outcomes of this. The first: you’re telling the world how great your associates are, and by proxy, your work with them is also great. The second: you’re cultivating long term, reliable relationships with other businesses that you can trust.

If you follow these four tips, your social media campaigns will be off to a flying start. It’s by no means exhaustive, but a solid grounding from which you can develop and tailor your process. Building a successful online presence that connects you with other businesses is certainly difficult, but if you implement your strategy properly the benefits will be huge.

Seb Robert is the founder of Gophr, a same-day courier service based in London.  Alongside his drive to bring efficiency and transparency to the courier sector, Seb is a foodie with a passion for sneakers.