Top 5 Business Certifications That Can Be High Paying


 There are so many companies around the globe that are expecting to hire the best talents so that they can be high on the ranking. One of the best ways to get into such companies is by pursuing some of the most demanded training certification courses by now. These courses not only enhance your personality and your skills but also help the companies to gain more profit through you.

Apart from your experience in the field, today, it has become very much important that you should surely have a few of the certifications. Luckily, there are a few of the business certifications available that are widely recognized throughout the world and can help you in gaining a good reputation. They are known to offer you a good position in the company, a good career path, and of course, a good salary package.

Companies today decide to prefer people with such certifications more because they do not want to spend money and time on their training and also wish to have to best options in their team. There are many more reasons why companies prefer to have such certified individuals in their team.

  • The company will have improved productivity due to high skilled approach,
  • The cost of operation will be reduced due to a better way of working,
  • The performance of the team will be improved resulting in better outcomes,
  • The employers can have peace of mind due to a better working environment,
  • There are so many clients, who look forward to having services from a company that has certified individuals,
  • The display of the employee’s certification can help the company in gaining the trust of the stakeholders,
  • Not only the stakeholders and the clients but even the customers are also served in a  way,
  • The employee turnover is reduced,
  • The ROI of the company can be increased with the help of these certified individuals in the team.

Hence, having a certification is not only beneficial for the individuals but also equally fruitful for the companies in which these individuals will join. This is the reason such certifications are currently high in demand across the globe. Here are some of the best certifications in business that one can have to enhance their skills and help business organizations to gain success.

Certified Associate In Project Management

The CAPM certification is awarded to the individuals who have gone through and have understood the project management principles. Some of the professionals who can acquire the certification are executives, project associates, and the professionals who wish to have a career in project management. To have the certification training, you need to have a secondary degree and also need to have either 23 hours of training in project management or 1500 hours experience in the field. Most companies prefer to hire candidates with this certification for a number of reasons such as getting candidates who are goal oriented so that the company can have a higher success rate.

Project Management Professional Certification

The PMP certification is widely known throughout the world and is for the candidates who are well-trained in project management. The certification training is designed for various individuals such as project managers, team managers, software developers, associate project managers, project executives, and so on. The companies from different sectors such as real estate, health, engineering, and others look forward to having candidates with such certification in their team for a number of reasons. One of the major reasons is that many of the clients want to take service from a company that has candidates certified with PMP. Other than this there are also many other reasons such as carrying of the projects in a skilled way, and use of the agile approach. To apply for the certification, an individual needs to have a project management education of 35 hours and an experience of 7500 hours or 5 years in the project management field.

PMI-PgMP Certification

The certification is designed for individuals who have experience in project management and need training in handling projects in an even better way. Some of the individuals who can go for this certification are project managers, program managers, senior PMOs and so on. Some of the important industries where candidates with this certification go are tech industry, e-commerce, and health industry. Candidates willing to apply for the certification should have a high school diploma. Also, they should have experience in project management for about 6000 hours and 10,500 hours in program management. After you have this certification, you will have a stronger resume and hence you will be able to meet up better opportunities and can have better salary package.

Lean Six Sigma Expert Certification

This certification is made for quality analysis and hence has become one of the most demanded certifications for businesses. So, who are the professionals who should take up this certification? Some of the individuals who can approach for the Lean Six Sigma certification are IT analysts, supervisors of quality control, project managers, and also individuals who wish to become a Lean Six Sigma professional. People who wish to have this certification should have completed the white, yellow, and green belt in Six Sigma certification. The certification is quite high in demand in sectors such as health, banking, aerospace, e-commerce, IT, and so on. Companies are looking forward to having professionals with such certification so that the business can be run in a streamlined way, a good control check can be done of the quality, and the revenue of the company can be improved.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

The Lean Six Sigma Green belt is designed for individuals who are related to the quality control of a business. Some of the individuals who can come up to get this certification are quality system managers, quality engineers, quality auditors, quality supervisors, quality analysts, and also any professional who wish to get trained up in Six Sigma. Some of the industries that are looking forward to having individuals with this certification are finance, medical, power industry. There are no such eligibility criteria to fulfill to take up this certification. The main reasons why companies are hiring candidates with this certification are enhancing productivity, improving the quality, reducing the cost of operations, improving customer satisfaction, improving communication in the team.

So, these are some of the important business certifications that one can have to have:

  • A stronger resume,
  • A skilled personality,
  • Better career opportunities,
  • Better salary package,
  • Demand among the companies, and so on.

It has been currently checked as per a study that some of the high in demand certifications of business that has been searched online in last few times are certified associate in project management, certified business analysis professionals, certified supply chain professional, project management professional, and SAP certified application associate – business planning and consolidation.

Apart from these few high demanding certifications, there are also many other certifications in business that one can go for such as certified purchasing professional, certified professional purchasing manager, certified green purchasing professional, certified professional in distribution and warehousing, certified professional purchasing consultant, and many more.

The world has become a competitive ground and hence winning the race has become the prime factor for everyone. Whether it is an individual aiming for higher professional goals or a company looking forward to being on the top of the list, everyone is competing against someone or the other. In such a scenario, these certifications have turned out to be a great way of taking a step ahead. Due to the amazing benefits of the certifications, they have become recognized worldwide and have been adopting by so many professionals. There are so many companies who are preferring to hire candidates with such certifications or are motivating their employees to take up such certifications.