Top 5 Cities to Work and Study Around The World


Choices abound when it comes to selecting a city to study and work in. With so many great options to choose from, most people find it very tough to finalize one. Beautiful natural landscapes, landmarks, career opportunities, and excellent education make for a great combination. Students and working professionals from around the world prefer selecting cities that are known for their work and education. As with any course, there is always a tuition fee to be paid and living expenses to consider. While doing your research, it is prudent to consider a beautiful city, has excellent work opportunities and is known for its quality education. 

Most students know when they need to work while studying abroad. Student loans and living expenses can take a toll on you. You’ll be glad to know that many cities offer excellent work opportunities for students. Most international students on visas are allowed to work part-time while studying. However, you should check with the Immigration Advice Service before making any decisions. 

Let us look at the top 5 cities to work and study around the world.

  1. New York:

The financial capital of the world is known for its fantastic work opportunities and quality education. With high salaries and cost of living, New York is undoubtedly one of the more expensive cities on this list. However, it has some of the best universities in the US, like Columbia University, NYU, and Cornell University. Most graduate and undergraduate students get part-time work and internships at some of the biggest brands in the world today. 

New York is second only to Silicon Valley for its booming commercial and economic drive, and its growing IT companies. Students can explore a diverse culture with the promise of a lucrative, well-paying job after graduation. 

  1. Berlin:

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the best student cities in the world. With steady growth in its industrial and commercial hubs, Berlin has developed into a modern yet traditionally rich cultural centre. Along with the excellent quality of education, Berlin has also grown in the arts, theatre, design, fashion, and music. It is a known financial city and is highly welcoming to international students wishing to spread their wings.

Berlin is home to the Humboldt-Universitatzu Berlin and FreieUniversitat Berlin.

The atmosphere is liberal and tolerant, the standard of living is affordable, and the quality of life is good. Berlin also has a fantastic party and music life. 

  1. London:

London is the most popular study and work destination in the UK. It has the largest student population in Britain, owing to the renowned Imperial College, University College, King’s College, and the University of London. 

London is still one of the major cities in the EU for work opportunities and career growth. It is still the world’s centre for the commodities trade and the derivatives market. Working professionals enjoy good weather and free education for children with healthcare.

  1. Sydney:

The pearl of Australia, Sydney, is known for its fantastic beaches, harbour, parks, and tourist attractions. Over the weekends, students can cross Sydney Opera House and take the ferry to Taronga Zoo, lounge in beachwear at Bondi Beach, and sip cool drinks at Darling Harbour. Sydney is the growth centre of New South Wales and is home to all the largest brands in the world.

With universities like the University of New South Wales (UNSW), University of Sydney (UoS), and University of Technology Sydney (UTS), the heart of the city is teeming with the student population. The city is bright, vibrant, has a fabulous party and night scene, and is known to be extremely warm towards local and international students. 

  1. Montreal:

Montreal in Canada feels like a European city, teeming with lively, beautiful people. It is rich in culture and also has some of the best food spots. Montreal has a vast network of small cafes and bistros and is known for its street artists and performers. The music and dance scene is very alive in Montreal, with most people living a laid back, peaceful life. 

Montreal plays host to universities like McGill University and Universite de Montreal – two of the highest-ranking colleges in Canada. The streets are teeming with students, jobs are abundant, and Montreal has excellent career prospects for people wishing to continue living and working there. The courses’ quality and structure are structured around a working population, which makes the education highly favoured by international and domestic students.