Top 5 Online Video Makers for Both Amateurs & Pros


Whether you’re using an online video maker for your business or yourself, do you expect it to look professionally made? It’s incredible what today’s technology can do. Gone are the days when marketing shoots would cost a fortune due to the time and logistics involved. 

Professional video producers are still in demand today. However, even they are starting to leverage their work with online tools. This is especially true when you consider that most people enjoy instant gratification. They expect videos to be uploaded within 24 hours. Nevertheless, having relatively basic equipment along with a great online video maker can take you far in the video making business. It’s all about combining the old with the new. 

Interestingly, if you’re a professional video producer then the most important thing you need is a network. This is regardless of how you create your videos. Essentially, there’s no point in having the best videos in the world with no one to sell them to. Also, let’s not forget about creativity. Since there are so many wonderful digital tools available, the only true way to stand out is by doing things differently. Especially, great online video maker tools can help you be more creative. 

Top 5 Online Video Maker Platforms 

It can all quickly become overwhelming with so many online video maker tools to choose from. However, as long as you’re clear about your goals and needs, the rest will follow. Simply make sure that you do your research and compare the different options. Although these top 5, in no particular order, should give you a starting point from which to work from: 


Lumen5 is specifically geared for beginners and is amazingly user-friendly and easy to operate. The exciting bit about this platform is that they use artificial intelligence to create a story and content that fits your data and inputs. You’ll then be able to include any logos or text that are specific to your business or personal story. 

One of the main advantages of Lumen5, for example, is that you can easily transform your blogs into promotional videos. The platform does the work for you and then you can tweak any gifs or screengrabs as much as you want. All this with that fantastic drag-and-drop invention that we all love. 


This cloud-based online video maker platform allows you to edit and collaborate across any device. This means that you can easily work with other people on your videos. For example, perhaps you’re a business owner working on developing a marketing video? In that case, then you might appreciate collaborating with your teams on the content. 

The good news about WeVideo is that the free option is very good. Although, naturally, the premium version has a lot more features for you to work with. You also get 1GB of storage to work with as well as a huge music library that you can access. Furthermore, you get features such as slow-motion, screencasting, voiceover, and of course, various graphics to play around with.

This award-winning online video maker offers you professional footage and a huge choice of ready-made templates to use. You’ll also be able to integrate them easily into social media so as to draw people to your brand. In fact, Promo is often used by businesses because of its marketing knowledge and focus such that its templates are designed for brand development. 

When choosing Promo, you can go for one of three pricing plans to match your needs. Although, you can also go for the free trial which is a great way to start. Regardless of which plan you go for though, Promo is probably one of the most intuitive to use. There are also many options for you to customize your videos and add music, logos, text, graphics, or animations. 

Last but not least, Promo has exceptional customer service. So, their teams are ready to help you with whatever issue you have or problem that you can’t fix. 


This online video maker has an excellent free version. Of course, you can choose to get more from the subscription option. Either way, it’s easy to use and you’ll be creating slideshow videos before you know it. Again, it has a lovely drag-and-drop feature with a large music and template library also on offer. 

Again, Animoto lets you connect your videos directly to social media. Furthermore, it offers you several resolutions for your video content. The fun part of Animato though is the variety of templates. These range from behind the scenes videos and product promotion to testimonials and tutorials. 

Adobe Premiere Pro

This well-known brand uses artificial intelligence to create the perfect output. This includes automating those tedious tasks such as matching skin tone. There’s also an awesome audio ducking function that automatically controls the volume of the music as people speak in your videos. If you want something simpler though, then you can always go for the Spark version which is also a great online video maker. 

Either way, Adobe provides you with great templates, graphics, music, and animations. You can customize as much as you like, depending on the pricing plan you go for. Overall, it’s a great choice and it’s well respected in the industry. 

Final Words for the Best Online Video Maker Tool 

Videos are a powerful way to convey a message. Our brains process images far more quickly than words and somehow, they feel more real. We hold onto those images in our memories for much longer than any text we ever read. Therefore, videos are the way to go if you want to market your business or simply share your favourite family moments. These days, that’s very easy to do with all the incredible online video maker tools at our disposal. Have a look at the five mentioned above but do your research and comparison and make sure you find something that works for you and your needs. You can then enjoy the process of creating a video and sit back and enjoy the output.