Top 5 Reasons Why Laptops are Better than Desktops


Today, laptops have become more popular among students and corporate staffs for a range of reasons. These reasons form the basis of what users can look for when purchasing a laptop and also they are the main reasons why laptops are at the top of the range, unlike their counterparts. Check out hotrate’s article for even more insight into the matter.

  1. Size and construction

Laptops are small in size and can easily be carried on a bag as you move from one place to another but if you need large one check here for best 17-inch laptops, unlike a desktop computer which must be placed either on a desktop as the name suggests or on a table. Another incredible reason why laptops are at the top of the range is that they are compact with their hard-drives carrying more space and memory just like desktops, and possibly even more.

Since they are small in size, it becomes easier for students or professionals to carry on their work in whatever location they might be, be it on a hotel or relaxing at a coffee shop. Nowadays laptops have made work simple and users don’t have to be rushing to get back home so as to complete their work because they carry their work everywhere they go.Furthermore, these laptops are usually designed for gaming and will provide you with the most convenience when gaming indoors. It will also provide convenience when gaming on the move. Many gaming laptop manufacturers such as razer gaming laptop will ensure that they provide the most essential form factor and design to suit you. You will clearly have a smaller, powerful and convenient machine when you choose a gaming laptop over a desktop.

  1. Easier keyboards

A laptop is small in dimensions as compared to a desktop and that makes its keyboard different from that of a desktop. Additionally, the keyboard of a laptop is attached together with the main body. Accessing the keys on a laptop is also less unlike the keys on a desktop. This makes it easier and faster to type on a Laptop keyboard than a desktop keyboard.

  1. Battery life

This is another awesome reason why Laptops are preferred more than desktops. Laptops can run on a long-lasting battery. Another thing is that Laptops don’t necessarily need a wires hookup to access the internet. Once fully charged, the battery in Laptops can stay for a long period without going off. The presence of a battery is an option not normally available with desktop computers, thus it makes laptops more suitable and user-friendly by design.

  1. Great resale value

Have ever sold your used desktops and Laptops? Was the price for your used desktops the same with the one for the used Laptops? The two machines have different resale values. A desktop has little resale value while a Laptop holds a lot more resale value. This makes a Laptop more or less the only machine you can be sure while purchasing that it will sell afterward helping you to recover some of your lost cash although not all.

  1. Mobility

When it comes to Laptops, mobility is the ability to walk around freely and easily while with your Laptop. Most professionals are attracted to laptops because of mobility today thus making it an advantage to a laptop. Moreover, a laptop is slimmer and lighter which makes it mobile. Desktops are large and bulky so they are not suitable when it comes to mobility. Today, laptops have changed the working style of many business sectors.  One of the main reasons behind the accomplishment of corporate sectors today is their ability to work from anywhere which may be whichever place ranging from coffee shops to their customer’s office.