Top 6 Modern Storage Solutions For The Small Business


Nowadays small businesses need access to their data instantly without having any maintenance costs for the hardware. That is why these small businesses are not storing their important information and data on physical hard drives anymore because they don’t have enough budget and they are looking for cheaper alternatives that are more safe and Secure for their important data. 

For this reason Cloud Computing is a major industry that has seen a lot of growth and the concept of cloud hosting is very popular among small businesses nowadays. Cloud computing services are important for the needs and requirements of small businesses and it is the perfect option for them as well. In this article, we are going to discuss business storage solutions and the top 6 modern storage solutions for small businesses.

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a service provider and it is like a cloud hosting company. It provides space to the customers and they can use this space to store all the data they want. The customer is going to be the real owner of the data but the company is going to provide the required hardware to store all this data and it is going to be a cheaper option especially for small businesses.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services off-ring arrange of cloud hosting services. The major reason why people like to use this is because its plan includes a pay-as-you-go feature and pay as you reserved. This is a feature that is going to allow customers to pay only for the resources that have been utilized without having any other additional costs. 

There is another feature and it is called pay less when you reserve and it is a plan that is going to let the customers invest the Reserve capacity. Later the customers can get discounts in savings.


Box for business is a cloud computing storage option for clients and it is offering secure file sharing. There is also an option to sync the files and admin controls as well. The best part is that they are offering a personal plan that is free for the users. Although if you need more than 10 GB of storage then it is going to cost you around $10 per month for 100 GB.


Dropbox for business is the best and the most famous cloud hosting solution out there for customers. An interesting fact is that Spotify is also a client of Dropbox. This platform has made cross-platform sharing and backup very seamless and easy. You can share the files even if you do not have a Dropbox account and the basic plan is free for you.

Just Cloud

It is offering more than 50 features that include network drives for the customers.

Microsoft One Drive

It is a huge cloud hosting service and users can store 5GB of data for free.


It is offering a wide number of features in the business plan and it includes workflow management along with data management. It is also supporting more than 17 types of different files.