Top 7 Time and Money Saving tips while moving your business


Are you moving your business location? Though it is exciting, any type of move you make might be stressful, consumes a lot of time and money. Furthermore, relocating your businesses whether big or small, can be more complicated. 

You need to consider so many factors while moving. It can be a 

  • Location and Accessibility
  • Office infrastructure
  • Communication
  • Data,  and IT connectivity and furniture
  • Growth capabilities
  • Community impact
  • Hidden costs

Everything needs to be well planned. Otherwise, it costs a fortune and you can’t turn back the hands of time. At times, you’ll be little outside your budget which can’t be affordable. With all this, saving on the office moving is a little daunting. You experience a series of downtime during the move which has their own consequences on your business endeavours. 

Relocating to a new place

The office space is a natural place for your employees and starts feeling like a home. But transferring them to a new office worries them. Most often they feel like a fish out of water and vexatious in an unfamiliar place. So it is the manager’s responsibility to make them feel like a home at the new premises. 

Do you agree with the statement – “Parting is always painful”? Yes. Because daily you spend more time around those four walls and develop a positive bond. On the other hand, Whatever the reason may be, it is the project manager’s responsibility to minimize the disruptions. You need to organize and manage the aspects carefully so that there is a seamless transition of money and time. 

Time and Money Saving tips

Most often, as a business owner, you’ll be facing an unforeseen situation in terms of relocating. But for many, it may be their first time managing a move. To make sure you avoid all the expensive mistake, here are a few essential tips to be considered while moving 

Start Early

Decided to move your office to a different place, then why are you waiting? Take a notepad and figure out the needs you might have. Start careful planning, divvying up the tasks into small chunks on who will be doing what. Make all the arrangements and never wait till the last minute. 

Scrambling the things at the eleventh hour is no good. No one wants to stay all through the night to just keep the staplers into the box. Hence pack all the items which aren’t used frequently well in advance. Don’t underestimate the time you have at hand. Without proper planning, there may be chances of messing the large inventories. 

Moreover, planning includes deciding the date, any packaging charges etc. If you wish to save the packing costs, purchase used boxes in the stores and packing supplies. 

Research and choose a reliable moving company

Taking the appropriate steps at the right time saves money and other hassles. Find a reliable moving company by undertaking thorough research. Get the quotes from at least 3-4 reputable moving companies before booking. As an office moving is a costly affair you need to minimize the budget wherever possible. If you have already planned for the budget then start looking for the companies which fit into that bucket list. 

Furthermore, some of the companies shoulder the responsibility of packing, unpacking, loading and unloading. As this is the digitized world, view for the reviews and feedbacks given by the previous customers online. You can even communicate with them and enquire about the experience they have in moving the office equipment. To ensure that you’ll have a safe and smooth transition, hire a local mover. If you hire them from the same area, you’ll be avoiding being tricked compared to the one who is solely doing business on the internet. 

Book in advance, at least 6 months before the due date. This allows you to save money even more. 

Consider the opinions of your staff

In the modern-day business lines, attracting and retaining are the two major concerns of the business. Providing contemporary office space for the team makes them work efficiently and perform their tasks at best. This has to be a top priority for many entrepreneurs. So, conduct meetings with your team before planning and ask their advice on the infrastructure. Asking opinions can motivate your employees and get much better inputs as to where you can cut costs and more. For instance, take their suggestions on lighting, parking spaces, staff lounge, the decor of the copy room, desk space etc. 

Your staff is a valuable resource and give better feedback than any others. They understand your budget and recommend the improvements that are suited to workplace performance. Employees thoughts and ideas can improve morale during difficult times. Find out what are the things that didn’t work out in the old office and be enhanced in the new space. 

It is not mandatory that every idea, they give need to be a good idea. But an idea can change your business phase. Regard those inputs which are valuable and implement those to overcome the hurdles. This prevents any operating costs that affect your team. 

Creative packing

Packing can save or squanders your money pertaining to business relocation. Though employees can help you to a certain extent, Some of the items have to be left to the professional discretion. Depending on the budget allocation, get creative with packing. 

First, think of suitcases, baskets, laundry hampers which are handy and cost-effective. Instead of bubble wrappers, you can use towels for any breakables. This way, you can save enough boxes for packing and you need not go for purchasing them. Few months prior start saving from the deliveries to your office. For instance, if you order something from Amazon, they will send the items in well-packed covers. So save them for further usage. 

Off-season moving helps in saving money

If you have the leisure of selecting the moving dates, then you may be curious to learn that the cost will differ throughout the year. If you have got a clear idea about when to move, you can save money. Moreover, moving companies charges less during the off-season. If you’re planning to move during winter, fall and spring then you end up paying less to the movers. 

Save money by relocating in these seasons. furthermore, It may be a common aspect, most owners just overlook. Selecting the appropriate date, can make a big difference and put your budgets under control without breaking your bank account. 

Ultimately, the decisions depend on your needs, requirements, budget and preferences. 

Insurance coverage

While moving, along with other elements, insurance is also a primary aspect to look into. Many insurance companies cover insurance for lost goods or damage. Ask them for insurance to prevent any damages to your belongings. Even enquire about the moving company’s proofs. If you move your equipment on your own by hiring a truck, or if the cargo doesn’t allow any insurance, you are partially liable for the worker’s injuries. Contrary, you need to even look into the aspects of peripherals like computers, laptops, servers and phone. 


After relocating to a new office, it’s your responsibility to inform customers, suppliers, and stakeholders about the new venue. Update your address on all the business cards, letterheads, stationery and on your website. If you’re on Google maps, then change it also. The most essential thing is to update on the website and Google maps. It is the cheapest and easiest thing to do. 

Notify postal office and bank about the changed premises and ask them to send any posts to that new address. Make a list about whom to inform and where so that you’ll not forget anything crucial. It can be online directories or any social media platforms. 

Now, it’s your turn

Moving to a new office is similar to shifting your house. It requires a lot of processes backed by money and time. You’ve many computers, bulky furniture and complicated to pack electronics. There is a lot of nitty-gritty involved to get them packed. And with the everyday business activities, there is no time to focus on these things. With the above few tips, you can make your budget plans easier and save time. Regardless of the size of the company, try to navigate the things among your employees and have a smooth process in place.