The coding language JavaScript or JS was invented in the year 1995 and has been used in many programming fields. It is a great programming language and has been used by many developers. It is a light-weight, and high-level coding language. It can be used not only for web pages but for many non-browsing scenarios as well. Javascript can also be used for Node.js and Apache CouchDB. It helps to display the web page content smoothly and in a proper manner. People who want to be successful WordPress developer should also learn the use of JavaScript as it is only good for their overall knowledge,it also helps enhance the user experience for the end product. Many people have started working on javascript web application development.


We will look at some of the ways to learn Javascript.

  1. Know PHP

PHP is an important database language. Once you have knowledge of CSS and HTML it is important that you learn PHP. It will help you keep track of the market needs and how you can improvise on them. It helps us to keep all the data together and later process it when required. This is not an easy language to learn, however, with the help of many online contents you can learn more about it. Some of the available courses are Core Course or also known as PHP Academy.  They have different types of tutorial videos which give you an idea of how PHP works.

  1. Level of knowledge

It is good to know your level of knowledge before you start with JavaScript. You can be either a beginner or level 0 or Level 1 or level 2. If you have no or less knowledge of CSS, HTML, or JS and no experience in editing code then you will fall in Level 0. Level 1 comprises of people who have basic knowledge of CSS and HTML, along with experience in editing and making themes. Level 2 belongs to people who have good knowledge of HTML and CSS and also have ample knowledge in developing themes.

It is important to know your level as it can help you know where you need to start to learn Javascript.

  1. Selecting the correct framework

One should be aware of the correct framework since it not only saves time, it also makes work efficient. The common frameworks are meteor.js, Ember.js, Angular, and ReactJS. The different frameworks work for different developers as per their preference and expertise. Apart from the ones listed there are other frameworks as well. During the initial stage, you should wisely choose the correct framework so that you can save time.

  1. Requirements

The requirements will pave the way for you to learn the specific skills and techniques. For a WordPress developer, you can either do frontend development or backend development. In Frontend development, you have multiple options to chose from. You can choose between angular or angular.js or ember.js. The choice will depend on the kind of end product that you need. Similarly, for Backend development, you can use Node.js which is ideally used by all. The value provided to mobile users and desktop users should be same so that the JS is correctly used for the website.

  1. Learning new resources

There is no shortage of online reading content for any kind of skill. All you need to do is to find the information regarding the skill and check on any of the below website,, Code academy`s JavaScript Track and Superhero.js. WordPress also has a lot of information in regards to using it with WordPress.

  1. Learn and increase your knowledge

Basic knowledge of Javascript is enough to start working with WordPress. You should strive to learn more about Javascript and to achieve that you should have a good command off Cross-browser compatible JavaScript, Architecture of application, Modern patterns, and Javascript idiosyncrasies. These will help you learn about the difficulties that you may face while developing web applications.

  1. Test the skills

This is not something which you can learn in a day. You need to practice and continue to assess your skill. You can go to seminars, or read more about Javascript Toolsets, or JavaScript assessments and Javascript errors. All of these are available online and these will help strengthen your knowledge about JavaScript.


It is a great thing to learn about JavaScript and especially for a WordPress developer. It helps in many ways. If you do not want to learn in depth, just study the basics and you should be good to go.