Top 8 Time Management Apps for College Students


 Time management is an essential skill for students these days. The ever-growing pace of life and the amount of tasks set forth obliges college students to be punctual, multitask, and ready to work under pressure. Besides, learning also forces students to balance their academic performance with personal life, which is also challenging given the amount of workload. Hence, time-management seems a quality solution to this problem.

People with poor time management skills face many issues, including:

  • Procrastination
  • Constant distractions
  • Struggle to finish projects
  • Distorted studying regime
  • Tight deadlines.
  • Stress

Thankfully, except for numerous literature and courses on time-management, there are also some software solutions designed to make our lives easier. It is possible to optimize time management with the help of special apps, which could be installed to your smartphone or computer.

#1 RescueTime

First of all, you cannot organize your time if you do not know how you spend it. That is where RescueTime comes in. This app tracks the activity on the computer or smartphone and analyzes how much time is spent on different activities. Hence, this app allows the user to see how time is distributed and helps to systematize it. Except for this analytical work, there are many additional features. RescueTime has alert notifications, reminders, detailed reports of daily activities, the mark of effectiveness. It also allows blocking of particular websites in order to avoid distractions, which is particularly helpful for students.

Main advantages

  • Lets you know how the time is spent
  • Prevents distractions
  • Allows you to learn from your day-to-day activities

#2 Trello

Trello is a different kind of app that basically represents the task board where the student can place all existing tasks at a glance. The interface allows to determine which tasks are completed, which are in progress, and which are planned for the future (and when exactly). Each task could be optimized with the myriad of settings, including timing, reminders, comments, checklists, and ability to attach a file or picture. An additional advantage of Trello is the ability to synchronize with other devices and users. The program is also available in the desktop version. The virtual task board can be either personal or open to the team, which is especially useful for students while performing group projects.

Main advantages

  • Interactive task board with many optimization tools
  • Synchronization with other devices and people
  • Useful for group projects

#3 Pomodoro

Preparing for classes is one of the hardest tasks from the student’s point of view, especially when there are so many exciting personal affairs that you want to spend time on. Sometimes, it is challenging to focus on the work at hand without being distracted, that’s why so many students look for research papers for sale and other kinds of help. To solve this problem, you can use various online timers that optimize the workflow and divide it into segments of work and rest. One of these timers is Pomodoro. This application helps to implement one of the main time management principle, namely 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes break. Hence, while starting to study, the student sets the timer that will notify about the break. Every four periods are followed with a long timeout from 10 to 30 minutes.

Main advantages

  • Procrastination killer
  • Distract at the designated time with no guilty-pleasure feelings

#4 Evernote

Any organized and punctual person keeps a record of his or her affairs. Modern students usually do not carry notebooks with them, but the smartphone can do that just fine. One of the best apps for notes is Evernote, which allows you to create different types of notes, textual, or interactive with audio or pictures. There is a sufficient number of additional functions even in the free version of the app, including reminder, tags, formating with different fonts. Also, it is possible to sort notes into different notebooks, for example, a notebook for studies and personal affairs, or a separate notebook for various courses.

Main advantages

  • A highly customizable notebook that allows keeping a day-to-day record
  • Different notebooks for different activities, which is excellent for balancing study and personal life.

#5 Remember The Milk

In addition to notes, another tool for time management can be a to-do list. One of the most popular applications is Remember The Milk. However, let the name not be misleading, with this application, the student will be able to do much more than just going to the supermarket. This is a simple and handy to-do list for busy people, and it will not let you skip the next task. The app can send a reminder via push notifications, messages, or even Twitter. You can plan everything from shopping lists to essential appointments. The application has a convenient interface that will help you effectively plan your time.

Main advantages

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Notifications that will ensure performing the task

#6 focus@will

Surprisingly, not only notes and to-do lists can help in time management. Much also depends on the productivity of a person. In that regard, studies show that productivity greatly depends on the environment, in particular, sound. Focus@will is a music service that applies neurological research to help the student focus and reduce stress. By picking out the music, the app brings the brain to a state of maximum productivity. It could be either some light ambient or sounds of nature; the app is customizable and adjusts to the taste of the user. This application is just a godsend for students living on noisy campuses or lacking privacy.

Main advantages

  • An innovative way of boosting productivity
  • The app adjusts itself for the user

#7 Forest

Forest is a productivity program that blocks distracting websites and applications. The application is perfect for those who are often distracted by a smartphone while working. Hence, you can block In the websites or apps that interfere the most while studying. In addition, a unique feature of the app is the presence of a game element, which gives additional motivation. As soon as the user starts working, the virtual tree will begin to grow. If you do not touch the smartphone and avoid opening prohibited applications on it, the tree will grow; otherwise, the tree will die. It is possible to grow a whole forest from these trees, and thereby get rid of the habit of always being distracted by social networks and websites.

Main advantages

  • The app prevents you from wasting time on distractors
  • The game element in the app boosts motivation

#8 Loop – Habit Tracker

Many people try to develop positive habits and promise themselves to do something useful, like going to the gym or meditating, but often quit it after several times. Unlike many time management apps, Loop does not just create a to-do list for a day or week but seeks to develop habits. Therefore, the user creates custom habits and monitors how well they are implemented. The application has a minimalistic, but functional design. One of the most useful features is the ability to track your progress on a calendar with graphs, receive information about the stability of habits. With persistence and motivation, these habits will soon become natural.

Main advantages

  • Allows to develop positive habits and spend time effectively
  • Monitor the progress and sustain a productive schedule

As is seen, time-management solutions among apps are quite diverse and allow to organize and optimize nearly every aspect of life, starting from day-to-day activities and up to boosting productivity. Each student can pick the app that suits his or her needs, the most important thing is to pay due attention to time-management as it can really improve the quality of student life.