Top Characteristics of a Great Office


When you are hunting for new office space, one of the biggest mistakes to make is to get caught up in all the jargon and impressive interiors. It is an easy thing to do, but remember this; not all offices were created equal.

While some spaces would work wonderfully for certain businesses, they would be a disaster for others. To help you effortlessly navigate through your office search, you can use the services of office experts like Click Offices. Their dedicated team offer a free search and support service to find you the office of your dreams.

When you step into an office for a viewing, think of this as a mini checklist to remind yourself of the top characteristics of a great office.

Layout and design

 Ensuring that the layout and design of your office space work for your business is so important. Office experts have years of experience matching teams with the layouts that best suit their needs. Great offices have lots of breakout areas and different work zones. Having ample space to hold team meetings or to meet with clients is so important and for your workers, having space away from the confines of a desk can really boost creativity.

Excellent services

 As the serviced office market becomes more and more popular, the quality of the services offered has increased tenfold. In a great office, you should expect to find great services. Things like high-speed internet, a receptionist, on-site IT, meeting rooms, parking, gyms, cafes and event spaces are all becoming the norm in quality office spaces, so you should never settle for less.

Natural light

 Having natural light flooding into your workspace is so important. It helps to bolster happiness, creativity and drive in your employees, whilst also creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. Studies have shown that workers who are exposed to natural light during the workday are more productive, make fewer mistakes and sleep better at night. Pot plants and other green foliage have also shown to reduce stress and purify the air.

Location, location, location

 A perfect space in the middle of nowhere, far from your clients and employees would do no one any good. Location plays such an important role when it comes to deciding whether or not an office space is for you. Access to public transport and other services like childcare, gyms, restaurants and bars are all important factors when deciding where to locate.

Green-proof the future

 The world is facing enough environmental troubles without your own workspace adding to the problem. So, any space that offers green incentives and eco-friendly alternatives to office staples should be applauded. Any office space that is thinking of the future and how it can help safeguard the planet is somewhere you can trust with your business.

If you are still unsure about a space, ask your office expert to put you in touch with the building manager or current tenants who would be happy to discuss any concerns you have about the space. It’s also wise to trust your gut – and your office expert!