Top Financial Investment Plans for Every Age 


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One step to wealth is a financial investment. Also, in a bid not to mortgage the future, investing is a surety for most persons. Even with the recent downturns caused by the coronavirus, resulting in a lockdown, your investment will play a major role in putting you back on track financially. Therefore, people who do not have any investments are more likely to be left behind.

Now, you may be wondering that since you are not close to retiring or do not have a business, there is no need for investment. You can click on to find out the benefits of investing early. 

Do not be surprised, anyone can invest irrespective of age, career, and income. However, those factors play a role when thinking of the right kind of investment to make. For instance, a person nearing retirement with a large stream of income would definitely have a good investment plan. 

On the other hand, a person who just started his or her career may not have the same plan. This, in any way, should not deter any of them from investing. Therefore, you must choose the right investment to suit the circumstances around you. 

6 Financial Investments You Can Make Today

There are many platforms or ways of investing, ranging from safe investment plans to medium-risk and even high-risk options. This means for every income and risk level you choose, there is surely an investment platform for you. Here are 6 financial investments you may consider making:

1. Mutual Funds

This kind of investment requires investors, young or old, to acquire bonds, stocks, etc. In other words, investors are given a guarantee for their money because of the multiple investments made. This will guard against any loss procured from a single investment.

This plan is best for retirement savings or a long-term investment plan which you may have. In all, it is an easy way to key into ultimate investment plans of the stock market without you purchasing a litany of single stocks. 

Where to get mutual funds is not a problem. You can get them from certain companies and discount brokers. The best of it is that most of these companies do not request commissions. As a result, you will have lots of money at your disposal from your investments. You must note that this kind of funds investment requires up to $500 or more for a start.

2. Exchange-Traded Funds

They are also known as ETFs. Here, investors get to put money in a stock of securities. In this way, the single investment is diversified. ETFs are closely related to mutual funds such that their purpose is mainly long-term. Aside from that, it is also good for those who do not have lots of funds to meet up with the least requirements for mutual funds. This is because the share price of an ETF share might be less than the minimum mutual fund.

Want to get an ETF? They are made available by discount brokerage companies and other companies on the stock market. For constructing clients’ portfolios, Robo-advisors actually use ETFs.

3. Index Funds

The next best investment to make is the index fund. Index funds are a category of mutual funds containing the stocks of a certain market catalog. In this plan, the goal is to ensure an investment profit equals the index performance of the market at a particular period. 

Like the mutual funds and ETFs, this plan is also for long-term investments. Also, it has low investment charges making it cost-effective, and it is fluid. Thus, younger investors should pool their money towards investments with the potentials of high returns. In this way, they will save up well enough for the future. Discount brokers or stock providers can help you get the index fund.

4. Dividend Stocks

If you are choosing the best investments to make, then you should also consider dividend stocks. A dividend is a cash payment made regularly to shareholders of a particularly profitable company. Sometimes these stocks do not increase as fast as expected, but they can attract prospective investors considering the stability of the stocks.

Anyone from a newbie investor to an aged retiree can invest in this. However, certain classes of a dividend stock could be considered depending on how you want your investment to turn out. You can get dividend stocks from a trusted broker online.

5. Individual Stocks 

Stocks are a portion of a company’s ownership. It offers you the potential of a high return while your money is exposed to a high level of inconsistency. However, these words are not to frighten you but to help you towards making a good investment in the stock market. 

The risk here is much; therefore, investors should be very careful to reduce their holdings to at least 10 percent or even less because of how volatile the stock is. Also, buying individual stocks through an internet broker is not only cost-effective but also very easy as you can just look them up online. You may only need to set up an account and select a profile and you are on your own way to becoming a shareholder in that company. Very easy, right?

6. Alternative Investments 

Buying bonds, stocks, or other instruments of cash equivalent may not be your deal. You may prefer the class of alternative investments which consists of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, gold, coins, silver stamps, etc. 

During the greatest recession, a lot of persons witnessed how their savings reduced below expectations. As a result, people began to diversify their investments from the traditional bonds and stocks into other instruments like the gold that rose in price in 2011. Alternative assets are good for investors who desire to leave the investments in stock and bonds and other equities, and then fortify themselves against their downturns. 

Some Internet brokers may grant you access to these alternative investments, but they are mostly gotten from firms that manage private wealth and companies that are directly related to such assets. For example, if you want to buy gold, you can meet a gold mining company. You can visit this page to learn about investing in precious metals and cryptocurrencies.


In conclusion, the decision to invest is the best decision anyone can and should make no matter the age or level of income. Though it is a means of building wealth, it is also a sure way to guarantee one’s future. You can choose from our list of 6 investments and kick start your future gains.