Top Forex Expert Advisors of 2020


If you have been a part of the world of Foreign Exchange trading or are planning to be a part, you may already be familiar with Forex Expert Advisors or EAs. Forex Expert Advisors are software or tools that help you be aware of the correct time to carry out trades or automatically initiate and execute trades to programmed instructions.

If you are unable to pick a suitable EA for yourself the following list features the top FX EAs that are high in quality and in demand in the year 2020. Whether you are a novice trader or a seasoned expert, Expert Advisors are here to help you trade more successfully even when you can’t physically be present to monitor the markets while entirely eliminating the human and emotional aspect from trading decision makings. To gain rapid success and earn profits, a quality and efficient EA is your solution.

Here are some of the top FX EAs: –

  1. Trade Manager: Trade Manager is one of the top FX EA that is created directly as an Expert Advisor that can be placed on your MetaTrader 4 chart. This EA has been developed by MetaQuotes and allows users to create their own strategies and indicators. The yield per annum by Trade Manger is 65.39%.
  1. FXCharger: FXCharger is another popular EA of 2020. It is an automated trading system that runs on the MetaTrader platform 4 and is designed to open trades every day. FXCharger does an immaculate job when it comes to closing a trade at the right moment to attain profits. This EA too allows traders to create their own strategies and indicators. The yield per annum by FXCharger is 77.31%.

2.CryptoTraderAdvisor: This particular Forex Expert Advisor is making gaining fame as the as one of the best Forex robots one can need for both FX and Crypto pairs. CryptoTraderAdvisor is a scalper system where 90% of the orders don’t last over an hour. It can be used by traders to make their own indicators and strategies. Its yield per annum is 49.5%.

3.Esox-Pattern: This is a top-notch quality Expert Advisor for Forex that is efficiently designed for non-stop trading. It is highly preferred by many traders in 2020 because of its total transparency and has been extensively tested using specific forward tests. Esox-Pattern is an automated Forex system that has a yield of 20.6% per annum and allows the creation of traders’ own indicators and strategies. It predicts the market using the nifty algorithm heuristic engine as well as historical data.

4.WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution: WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution is growing in popularity due to its exceptional quality functionality and efficiency. It has the longest fully MyFxbook verified performance on real money accounts in the Expert Advisor industry. It closes all deals in the most unbiased manner without ever deviating from its programmed trading logic. The EA is based on the low-risk scalping trading method and allows traders to create their own indicators. WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution EA’s yield per annum stands at 85.3%.

5.Forex Megadroid: This FX EA consists of built-in software called Reverse Correlation Time and Prince Analysis or RCTPA. It is based on the principle of Artificial Intelligence which has the ability to foretell market trends and changes that can occur within the next 24 hours. It is designed for trading both EURUSD and GBPUSD currency pairs and has a yield of 95.82% per annum.

6.Alfa Scalper: This is an FX EA that is very robust in giving opportunities to automate FX trading by the scalping method for regular small profits. It is able to offer 3 distinct profit taking price points with the help of a unique adaptive scalping technology. Alfa Scalper is highly praised for its user-friendly interface which is designed for all levels of traders. It yields 49.36% per annum and allows traders to build their own indicators.

7.Earth Robot: Earth Robot EA is designed for two major currency pairs including GPUSD and EURUSD. Both these currency pairs offer favourable low spreads and fast execution due to their high liquidity. One of the most attractive claims of the developers of this EA is that it utilises a good risk to reward ratio that is the EA intends to attain winning trades that are greater than the losing trades. Earth Robot EA yields 80.9% per annum. The strategy it incorporates is scalping but allows users to build their own indicators.

8.Forex Diamond EA: One cannot leave Forex Diamond EA out of this list of top FX EA in 2020 because of its efficiency. It is a commercial trading tool which incorporates both trend and countertrend strategies at the same time in analysing the market conditions and placing trades. The EA is largely preferred by many traders due to its reliability, speed and precision. Forex Diamond EA proves to be immaculate due to its optimized dynamic trading parameter settings and fast trade execution. Its yield per annum stands at 63.39% while using a breakout strategy.

9.ConvertFX: ConvertFX is also another FX EA that operates on a breakout strategy and is only operational on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The EA loves news and capitalises on the occurrences of any strong movements. It runs on 10 currency pairs including gold. ConvertFX allows traders to create their own indicators and has an annual yield of 42.2%. The EA is fully automated and is able to work in all market conditions because of its ability to make a profit even in unanticipated occurrences.

The above-mentioned are the top quality Forex EAs that are making massive waves in the foreign exchange world. You too can try one or more of these Expert Advisors to catapult yourself to further success. But do remember that the popularity of all the Expert Advisors should not be the only defining factor while choosing one for you. Pick the one that is safe and ensures higher rates of profitable trading.