The Top Goal Setting Insights From Google’s OKR Guide


While there are countless organizations using OKR goals to achieve results, Google is one company that has proven the serious potential behind the goal setting framework. So it’s no surprise that everyone listens closely when Google reveals any of their insider OKR tips. For one, we’ve found their OKR video to be highly useful and have provided our own transcript.

More recently, Google published their own guide to setting goals with OKRs. Because Atiim’s tools are designed to support the OKR framework within organizations, we’re inspired by the recommendations Google sets forth. Below, we’ve collected some of the most noteworthy findings from their new OKR guide:

OKRs Give You “Superpowers”

Google executives believe the powers of OKRs are far-reaching and transformative, but most notably, they can also improve performance. Rick Klau, a leading Google exec, discussed how Sears used OKRs to drive performance. Their employees who used OKRs to achieve goals were 11.5% more likely to improve by a whole performance level than their peers.

Achieve Goals & Drive Engagement

Google’s OKR guide sheds light on an American Psychologist report, which shows setting clear, ambitious goals (such as OKRs) makes people more likely to achieve them. Research also indicates that achieving goals drives employee engagement.

Drive Sales (No Matter Your Size)

Klau also is known for encouraging executives to stop thinking they can’t be like Google. With the right goal setting framework, any company can accelerate their results. While Sears used OKRs to drive their sales by 8.5%, they work for smaller companies, too. For instance, Australia’s McKinnon Secondary College has an IT team which has adopted OKRs to boost productivity. They say that as a result, they now “achieve more, learn from their mistakes, and produce better quality work.” Additionally, their goals are aligned so they’re all focused on the same priorities.

Thinking you can’t be like Google will only impede your progress. The data you retrieve from your OKR goals will give you immeasurable power for driving engagement, performance, and profits, and most importantly, your whole company will remain focused on the same common Objectives.