Top Ten Software Development Trends in 2020


Change is a constant thing. There’s no industry which can fight any change. Every sector welcomes modernization that carries changes in the continuing IT trends. For instance, is the case with software development trends.

The year 2020 will be a departure from modernization. It will be distinct from a renewed class of technologies that are equipped to progress from the sidelines to the center stage.

Trend 1. 5G for Everybody

2020 is the year for 5G. In addition to carrying us all more reliable mobile networks and faster broadband speeds, the spread of 5G will also hasten advancements in a smart world, smart vehicles, smart industry, and scores of IoT-concentrated technologies starving for 5G.

Trend 2. Bots and AI

The facility of AI-driven technology to multitask will be in a higher mandate for the next year and beyond. With all the effort put into emerging artificial intelligence, researchers might be able to accomplish their most sought-after goal. This goal is to provide the machines with the skill to empathize and display rational knowledge.

Trend 3. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has become a well-known software development trend because of Bitcoin. But this technology has its functions past the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that will boom in 2020.

Trend 4. Progressive Web Apps

The fusion of web and mobile applications are identified as progressive web applications. They’re easy to maintain and develop, which has fascinated numerous software development companies to concentrate on them mainly.

Trend 5. Motion UI

Motion UI is quite in trend today. Well-ordered design with smooth animation results to a perfect blend to fascinate users or visitors. Users prefer accessing websites that are modest yet spontaneous.

Trend 6. Cybersecurity

Security is a vital parameter of life in this world. The software threats and loss have become the principal concern to double-check by custom software developers.

Trend 7. Single Page Application

Single page application means no extra wait time and no page reloads as you access numerous web pages at a time. Facebook, GitHub, Google Maps, and Gmail are a live case of this trend that will continue to the years and beyond.

Trend 8. A Faster Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 6 will form the perfect end-to-end blend of ultra-fast connectivity for your work and home. With this, expect download speeds up to 3x quicker than were possible with Wi-Fi 5.

Trend 9. Mobile-Friendly Website

Since the amount of tablet and smartphone users is anticipated to continue growing through 2020 and beyond, mobile-friendly websites provide consumers with better user experience.

Trend 10. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Page loading is critical in deciding whether to stay or leave on a website. Nowadays, people don’t have much time to delay for loading a page. Accelerated mobile pages are intended to boost the overall performance, speed time, and website visibility in search results.


Top software development trends and technologies are the future of web development. And full stack developers work at a fast pace to improve the comfort level of human beings.