Top Tips For Improving Your Business’s Online Security


Hacking and cybercrime is no longer an issue just for governments and big corporations. Now it’s something that smaller companies and businesses have to contend with as well when they have online websites.

With that in mind, the real question for you is this: is your business adequately protected online from cyber attacks?

As a business owner, one of your top concerns has to be protecting your reputation in the eyes of your customers and clients. If any customer or client gives you information such as their social security number, home address, or a credit card or debit card number, they are instilling in you trust that you will keep that data and information safe.

Are you?

Here are the top tips that you can use for improving your business’s online security:


Privacy has always been a top concern with anybody being online. It’s also become a highly controversial issue when surveillance government programs are taken into account as well.

We’ve also seen how many tech giants such as Target or Sony have been known to suffer numerous hackings and online compromises as well, resulting in a torrent of financial and customer information being released throughout the website.

Sure, you could joke that it’s normal for anyone’s information to be leaked, but will you be joking if it happens to your business.

One of the most powerful ways to protect the privacy of your business and your customers will be to use encryption. Encryption is where you encode information, only enabling those with authorization to view it.

Two times when you should use encryption will be when sending emails and when storing static files as well. For Windows you can use BitLocker, and for Mac you can use FileVault.

Install A Firewall

 Your first line of defense against hackers and cybercriminals will be to install a firewall. A firewall is designed to protect your computer from malware and to detect if large data amounts are being added to or taken away from your network.

If there is any activity going on that has not been authorized, the firewall will completely shut down the process automatically.

Have An IPAM

An IPAM, or IP Address Management, enables you to keep track of and manage all of the IP addresses and IP address space on your network. An IPAM will work by integrating DNS and DHCP.

Having an access to IPAM data will also be very important for network security. This is because access to the IPAM data makes it much easier for you to detect abuse or breaches within your network.

Examples of data from an IPAM will include the IP addresses that are included in the network, when each of them were assigned, and what devices each IP address is assigned to. Having this kind of information will prove to be invaluable for when you need to identify patterns that indicate security breaches.

Change Usernames and Passwords Often

 To be more specific, you should really change the usernames and passwords in your online network and systems once every thirty days, and maybe even once every week if you want to be extra secure.

What you can use is a program called a password manager, which will automatically change all of your passwords as often as you designate it to and furthermore will only choose passwords that are very difficult to crack. What’s more, is that it will also store all of your previous passwords.

One of the most common attacks that hackers will use to breach passwords is called brute force, where they will use programs to continually guess different combinations for the password at a very fast rate until they get it.

Using a password manager will easily be one of the best possible defenses against brute force attacks. Also remember to change your usernames just as often as you do your passwords too.

Improving Your Business’s Online Security

 We live in a highly connected world. Within this world, the threat of online hacking is a very real one, and if your business has a website, then you have to consider your business to be vulnerable hacking as well.

If you don’t take the above precautions, it will only be a matter of time before your business pays the price. If any customer information gets leaked, it will harm your reputation in ways that few other things ever could.