As a travel blogger, you love writing about all your crazy adventures. Whether you’re an English teacher in Paris or you’re mountain-climbing in South America, lots of people love to read about what you’re up to. Because there’s something exciting about travel blogs: they make readers feel like they’re there with you, experiencing the intensity of life in another country. Maybe that’s why, recently, you’ve thought that you could make some money from your blog. After all, lots of celebrities make money on Instagram, so why can’t you make money online? You’re living a fabulous life, as a traveler, and you know that you can use your tales to make some money.

And the fact is: you can. If you understand your audience well enough and use social media and web design properly, you can get lots of new readers and make some money. To learn more, read on.

1.Understand your readers

As a blogger, it’s likely you already understand your readers to a certain extent. After all, you’re a writer, and you know how to connect with people around you. But if you want to run your blog as a business, having a general idea of what your readers want to read isn’t enough. You need to research them: understand where they live, how old they are, and what their professions are. For example, if you’re an ESL teacher advising students in how to get work abroad, then many of your readers will be college students and people in their twenties–which means you have to write placing yourself in their shoes.

A fancy term for this is the buyer persona. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, this is defined as “a profile that represents your ideal customer. By creating buyer personas, you’ll gain the ability to tailor your marketing efforts and connect with your target audience to meet their needs and solve their problems.” It’s no surprise this is important when you consider that 86 percent of marketers use content marketing. Blogs are effective, but only when they’re addressing the needs of the people who read them.

2. Optimize for mobile

In 2018, an important thing for any website–but especially for blog sites, where content is the most important thing about the business–is being optimized for mobile. In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic was generated through mobile phones. And this is a percentage that is sure to rise, considering how much time millennials and Gen Zers spend on their phones. If you want your blog to be successful, your website needs to be optimized for mobile use.

This means that, when your readers are enjoying your posts, they shouldn’t have to wait for images to load on their phones. And they certainly shouldn’t have to pinch at their screens so that they can read your content. Optimize for mobile by using a mobile-friendly site builder such as WordPress or Wix–and consider making your site mobile first, too. This is beneficial for SEO, one of the most important ways you’ll get new readers to stumble upon your website.

3.Master SEO hacks

 As a blogger, you probably already know quite a few SEO hacks, like knowing what keywords to use and linking to other parts of your website in your posts. But if you want your site to show up as early as possible anytime someone completes a search on Google, you need to know even more. For example, keyword stuffing is not always effective: Google algorithms have become so complex that synonyms for the words you’re using, along with the original, is better than just using one keyword in the first place.

Additionally, think of other SEO aspects. For example, are you optimizing your images? According to SageFrog, just a few hacks include making use of AMP pages and mobile indexing, prioritizing website load speeds, thinking about voice search’s impact on keywords, and knowing all of the Google SERP features. As of October 2017, the majority share of US searches originated from Google, so if you’re able to master your SEO, you’re certain to get new readers.

4.Get on social media

 Finally, you need to be able to connect with your readers over social media. Just think about it: Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users. This means anytime you write a new post, you should share it on your social media accounts. Create a social media calendar, and share on the most important platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

By following these tips, your travel blog will quickly gain more readers, which means you can start making money and be successful.

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