Top tips for successful employee recruitment


Once your company grows beyond a certain size, it becomes impossible for it to grow any further without you taking on additional members of staff. Finding the best possible candidates who can not only fill the positions you have available but that can do so in a way that fits in with the culture and ethos of your organization is always going to be a challenge.

While you may be keen to grow your company as quickly as possible, the best tactic when it comes to recruitment is to take it slowly. While hiring the right person will always help you reach your business goals, hiring the wrong person can set you back and even lead to missed opportunities. Read on for a few tips on how to recruit the perfect candidate every time.

Don’t take chances

It may be that you started your business on a whim and that while no one believed your initial ideas, you have gone on to prove them wrong. Taking that kind of mindset into the recruitment process can be a huge mistake.

If you find a candidate that reminds you of yourself and has the same kind of positive energy, don’t be tempted to hire them on this basis alone. You should also bet on the sure thing and hire someone who has done the exact job in the exact industry that you are looking for.

Past behavior is by far the best predictor of future behavior,and while bringing in an outsider who lots of enthusiasm, but little track record may be exciting, it is far more likely to lead to disaster than picking a candidate who you know will be able to hit the ground running.

Consider automation

With multiple candidates applying for jobs, an increasing concern about the recruitment process is the vast amount of time that it takes to sift through hundreds or sometimes even thousands of potential candidates in order to identify those who should be called in for an interview.

An increasing number of businesses processes, such as content marketing and customer engagement, are being automated using systems such as those developed by MailChimp, which you can check out by visiting similar systems are now able to automate much of the recruitment process.

Automated recruitment allows potential employers to quickly screen through large numbers of candidates and eliminate those who fail to meet the criteria that have been pre-defined for the position. If, for example, a particular position requires five years of prior experience in a previous role, all those candidates who are not able to demonstrate such experience will not progress any further in the recruitment process.

Stage an open house

Take a tactic out of the real estate book playbook and invite the last few remaining candidates to come and spend a day with your company, so they get a better idea of what the working environment is going to be like. Remember that when it comes to new recruits, it’s as much about them choosing to work for you as it is about you offering them a job.

This tactic works especially well with smaller companies where you may be concerned about getting someone who is the right fit. It can also help to weed out candidates who are skilled at coming across well during the interview process but lacking when it comes to idea generation of teamwork skills once they actually begin a new job.